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Wednesday April 16, 2014
Tackling Missed Revenue Opportunities at your Practice!
In order to tackle missed revenue opportunities, medical practices need to bridge gaps in medical billing, integrate clinical and billing processes and focus on enhancing their RCM
Industry Standards
  • As per the final rule, SGR pay cut for 2014 will be approximately 24% which will affect the financial health of medical practices
  • Implementation of ICD-10 in 2014 will not only lead to system re-designing but also result in disrupted cash flow
  • Fee-for-service contracts have been negotiated with physicians by third party payers. This has resulted in reimbursement at less than 100% of charges
Why does a practice lose money? Inefficiency in the medical billing process is the main reason due to which practices are missing opportunities to maximize revenue Read More...

Tackling missed revenue opportunities with MBC!

Use of latest technology: MBC makes use of all the necessary resources and processes to enhance collection rate and minimize claim denials

Error-free claim submission: MBC can help your practice collect maximum revenue through error-free coding and billing....

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Eliminating bottlenecks and improving work-flow at your practice

Bottlenecks not only interrupt the natural flow of patient care but also affect the pace at which a practice works. Providers cannot improve quality of care or enhance their financial performance if there is obstruction in patient flow. In order to eliminate bottlenecks, providers need to rank the order in which patients would be treated as this will help them make smarter staffing decisions, reduce stress and ensure greater efficiency in completing important tasks.

Industry Standards
  • Under the Affordable Care Act, in 2014, another 32 million Americans are going to get covered under Medicaid which will create a patient influx at practices
  • As per the estimates by AAMC, there will be a shortage of 90000 physicians by 2020, making it difficult for hospitals and practices to balance patient flow and other administrative tasks
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