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Wednesday August 6, 2014
Top 5 Ways to Protect your Practice from Meaningful Use Audits in 2014
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) invested more than $19 billion in the Meaningful Use (MU) incentive payments in 2013. In 2014, the agency is planning to increase its auditing activities as it is inching closer to its $27 billion budget. Since Medicaid incentive program audits are carried out by each state in the US, it has become important for physicians to be prepared.
Industry Facts:
  • CMS is set to perform post-payment and pre-payment audits on 5-10% of providers, choosing them randomly
  • According to the HIMSS 2014 website, one provider was asked to return $31 million in MU incentive payments due to an error in EHR application

If you have attested and received incentive payments, you should be prepared for the upcoming audits.

Here are top five ways to protect your practice or hospital from a potential MU Audit in 2014

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Flat Income Trend for Physicians in 2014
The industry experts are witnessing compensation levels almost the same as last year; however, some specialties have witnessed a significant boost in their income. Technical and scientific breakthroughs helped these specialties gain more income, for instance, cardiology earnings increased due to the development of cardiac stents.
Industry Facts:
  • According to a national analysis of physicians compensation, doctors may soon be paid more on the basis of “patient satisfaction metrics”
  • As per a 2013 report from American Medical Group Association, physicians compensation increased in 61% of medical specialties Read More...
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