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Are You in Favor of a Penalty-free ICD-10 Transition?
A policy was passed by physicians at the 2015 annual meeting of AMA, asking the CMS to grant a two year, penalty-free grace period to physicians once ICD-10 is implemented.
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  • As per a 2013 report by the Healthcare Financial Management Association, denial rates will increase by 100-200% in the early stages of ICD-10 implementation
  • As per estimations made by the CMS, implementation of ICD-10 might double the days in accounts receivable to 40%
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Is Your Practice Avoiding Billing Pitfalls When Participating in PQRS?
Are your billers trained to bill appropriately while participating in PQRS? Prior to participation, ensuring the preparedness of your billing department is as important as reviewing the current year’s measure specifications.
Things to Know:
  • Claims processed by MAC (appeals, re-openings & claims adjustments) will have to reach the Medicare claims system data warehouse by 16th February 2016 in order to be included in the analysis
  • Penalty for not reporting 2015 PQRS is 4% for groups (with 2-9 providers) & solo providers. This includes 2% value modifier penalty & 2% PQRS penalty
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