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Evaluating effects of Outsourcing Billing and Coding
Increasing number of denials is putting the physicians in a dilemma over outsourcing the medical billing process or retaining the in house staff, drilling in with better resources and improving the practice themselves. This, although an option may not seem to be feasible for every practice.
At the end of the day, physicians want to focus on their core practice and tend to patients being able to give them maximum time. There are a number of physicians who are hesitant in outsourcing the billing process, dreading losing control over their accounts or over privacy concerns. Successful MU2 Demonstration
What's the difference between "MBC" & a "Bill Mill" ? AR, Denials & Rejections – How can I reduce them?
Will a Dedicated Claims follow up improve AR days?
Medical Billing process being no simple task entails accuracy in each of the steps involved in the final claims filing. Proficiency in enabling a smooth billing and coding is mandatory to ensure no errors which give rise to dwindling revenue. Understanding and analyzing the required workflow for your practice is essential to avoid future blunders owing to inaccuracies. An efficient revenue cycle management requires every area of the medical billing process to be looked after by adept individuals.
Industry Facts ICD-code-challanges
  • Lack of follow up on unpaid claims makes you lose almost 25% of your revenue
  • Medical billing services can bring down your AR days to a minimum average of 21 days...
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