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Denial Management- Prepare with a Strategy for Better Reimbursement
Due to lack of denial management strategies, a lot of money is potentially left unrecovered by medical practices. If providers focus on effective denial management, they can reduce AR days by as much as 50%, prevent revenue loss and avoid unnecessary delays in payment.
Industry Facts loopholes in RCM
  • High rates of insurance claim denial can lead to increased backlog of aged accounts and decreased AR
  • Coding errors are the reason why 5-25% of payment for physicians either gets denied or delayed
Efficient Practice Management
equals to Higher Revenues!
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Importance of Credentialing/Re-credentialing
Medical credentialing has become important for clinics and hospitals. It not only enhances the credibility of healthcare organizations but also protects patients from medical errors caused by under qualified medical professionals.
Industry Facts Dual coding
  • Every year, approximately 98,000 Americans die due to medical errors
Difficulties in Credentialing Process for Hospitals: It can be difficult to ensure a hassle-free credentialing process because it requires months of planning, especially when a new physician is joining a practice or hospital.
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