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Minor ICD-10 Errors Medicare Won't Deny Claims
The Medicare program recently announced a grace period of 1 year for claims that bear ICD-10 diagnostic codes. Claims for payment will not be rejected by Medicare even if the submitted ICD-10 codes lack specificity.
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  • According to the CMS, claims will not be rejected due to lack of code specificity as long as the code submitted belongs to the right ICD-10 family
  • Physicians will not be penalized if they submit data which contains less than perfect ICD-10 codes to Medicare quality programs this year such as PQRS
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How is Practice Revenue Related to Physician Credentialing?
Credentialing is an important aspect of the revenue cycle process within which the medical experience and expertise of a provider is verified. If the provider is not credentialed with commercial or government payers, it can lead to loss of revenue as claims will either get delayed or denied.
Things to Know:
  • Through effective and timely credentialing, physicians or hospital administrators can streamline costs, increase revenue and shorten the time span within which they get paid
  • As per reports, it can take up to 25 hours each year, per provider to complete the credentialing forms. When multiplied with the number of physicians in a practice, it shows the amount of burden credentialing places on the administrative team
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