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US Healthcare Industry after the 45 Days of ICD-10 Implementation
ICD-10 replaced the decade old 9th edition on 1st October 2015. Even though claims are bouncing back from insurers due to unspecified codes and errors, the new coding system hasn’t created a widespread problem as expected.
  • According to California Medical Association, providers in California reported very few problems with the ICD-10 transition. Only a minimal number of denials related to coding errors were reported
  • According to Barbie Hays, coding and compliance strategist for the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), before ICD-10 implementation, physicians were worried about increased paperwork; however, it is being reported that physicians are taking only an extra two to three minutes for paperwork, per patient
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Best Billing Practices to Improve Your Nursing Center’s Revenue
One of the biggest challenges faced by nursing centers is to achieve high quality care while making a good profit. Improving the revenue flow of such centers can be problematic because most of the strategies for increasing profitability consume time and resources and have uncertain payoffs.
Industry Trivia
  • Many nursing homes across the US have faced issues of bankruptcy due to increasing loss of revenue
  • Majority of payment for services received by nursing homes is through Medicaid; however, with fluctuations in Medicaid payments without much notice, nursing facilities have been experiencing cash flow disruptions
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