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Clinical Data Specialist

Clinical Data Specialist
Role Summary

Clinical Data Specialist is an integral member of the Data Management Team responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of clinical coding; validating the information in the databases for outcomes management and specialty registries; and performing clinical research across the entire integrated healthcare system.


Clinical Data Specialist may be required to own and discharge a range of responsibilities comprising:

  • Designing and using audit tools to monitor the accuracy of clinical coding
  • Monitoring compliance with policies and procedures relevant to clinical data management and making suggestions for improvements
  • Interpreting data for reimbursement applications
  • Validating data for various disease registries
  • Validating data for the outcomes management program
  • Preparing utilization analyses
  • Preparing patient demographic reports
  • Preparing provider profiles
  • Collecting and analyzing data for special clinical research projects
Performance Appraisal Clinical Data Specialist’s performance is measured against quality parameters:
  • Percentage of positive clinical outcomes
  • Percentage of claims realized against claims submitted, and
  • Being recognized for positive contribution to research outcomes

Clinical Data Specialists are amongst the well rewarded professionals these days; the median expected salary for a typical Clinical Data Specialist in the United States is $50,000 (figures are based on a survey data collected from thousands of HR departments as of December, 2012)

  • An aspiring Clinical Data Specialist needs to be a graduate or post-graduate, preferably in Life Sciences.

  • Baccalaureate degree in HIM or a related field with a RHIA, RHIT, CHDA, CCS, or CCS-P certification is a prerequisite.

  • The clinical data specialist must also be conversant with database applications, spreadsheet design and report writing.
Work Environment and Outlook:
  • Profession in Clinical Data is supposed to be both challenging and fulfilling – clinical data specialists can expect to enrich their knowledge base as well as contribute to overall clinical and operational efficiency.

  • In a typical hospital setting, clinical data specialists may be required to work for the regular 8-hour-a-day schedule. Alternatively, they may offer their services on consultancy or part-time basis depending upon clinical facilities’ priorities.

  • With the frequency of clinical diagnosis likely to increase, Clinical Data Specialists will continue to have lucrative employment opportunities – U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 20 percent growth in employment opportunities for clinical data specialists alone by 2018.

  • With scope for rapid horizontal promotions, a clinical data specialist should make use of available knowledge resources and professional network in his quest to becoming team leader or head of a clinical data center.
Clinical Data Specialists are encouraged to post their details with us to access the best opportunities across all US states and varied specialties.
If your hospital or clinic needs Clinical Data Specialists, send us your requirements; we will find the ones matching your specialty and location

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