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Coding Analyst

Coding Analyst
Role Summary The Coding Analyst is essentially entrusted with the job of reviewing, auditing and coding medical records for the purpose of reimbursement, training, education and compliance using ICD and CPT codes. The Coding Analyst’s assessment is either believed to validate provider coding or recommend modification to coding practices.
Responsibilities Coding Analyst may be required to be responsible for a broad range of duties such as:
  • Auditing and reviewing medical documentation for appropriate ICD and CPT coding and documentation
  • Asking explanation from physicians when code assignments are not straightforward or documentation in the record is inadequate, ambiguous, or unclear for coding purposes
  • Performing training and education for coding, documentation and claim payment guidelines, as well as addressing problems and issues
  • Reviewing CPT and ICD codes annually for accuracy and implementing changes, including charge ticket update by specialty
  • Helping out physicians and other providers with questions and problems related to coding, documentation and billing
  • Performing extensive research and analysis of appeal-data and processes to identify trends and emerging issues, and recommend best practices for maximum performance
  • Following appropriate policies, procedures and guidelines ensuring compliance with state and federal laws, policies and regulations
  • Providing recommendations to leadership to modify reference materials and processes that do not fully satisfy regulatory or legal compliance related to coding
  • Initiating follow-up activities to reflect change for compliance
  • Acting as a liaison to other divisions/departments (health management, service, claims) for coding policy and coding/payment issues
Performance Appraisal Coding Analyst’s performance is measured against certain quality parameters, such as:
  • Percentage of claims realized against claims submitted
  • Level of providers’ compliance with federal laws, policies and regulations
  • Level of adaptation to evolving ICD and CPT billing and coding
Salary The average salary for coding analyst jobs is $55,000 (the figure is derived from an average of current salaries across important clinical destinations in the U.S.); the figure may vary depending upon prospective employer, location, industry, experience and benefits. 
Qualifications Coding Analyst needs to have basic grounding in health science as well as possess certifications from competent authorities:
  • Primarily, Clinical Analyst should be well-versed in health plan or provider office medical billing, coding, and submission operations.
  • Additionally, he should necessarily have completed certification exams such as CPC, CPC-H or CPC-P exam
  • It is also advisable to be enrolled in continuing education course to keep abreast of evolving standards in billing and coding.
Other skills that are intrinsic to the job are:
  • Ability to apply critical thinking skills to coding policy interpretation and implementation
  • Ability to work independently; well-organized and able to set priorities with minimal direction
  • Ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing
  • Strong PC skills; Excel, Word, PowerPoint and internet based programs
Work Environment and Outlook:
  • Coding Analysts typically work in an office environment in either a healthcare facility or agency setting. A typical work week for full-time employees is 40 hours, Monday – Friday with the possibility of paid overtime, depending on the employer.
  • Coding Analysts often receive a comprehensive benefit package that includes health insurance, paid vacation, and a retirement savings plan; some employers have part-time opportunities available as well.
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), growth in opportunities for Coding Analysts will be at 16% between 2008 and 2018. Therefore, professionals in this occupation will have ample opportunities to realize their career aspiration.
Coding Analysts are encouraged to post their details with us to access the best opportunities across all US states and varied specialties
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