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Do billers and coders make more sense as part-time employees?

Many of you may have been operating through small clinics and managing medical billing either on your own or with the help of your support medical staff. And, you may have no problem as long as your claims remain constant and relatively smaller. However, there could be sudden increase in patient influx or radical changes in billing environment (like the ICD-10) that may warrant additional medical billing resources. While you may want to consider many of the medical billing hiring options, your financial constraints would certainly not allow you the liberty to explore either contractual hiring or permanent hiring. Beyond such limitations, part-time hiring might prove be the right decision.

The reason why part-time hiring may be best suited to small practices is because of a host of inherent advantages it has to offer, such as:


One of the most recognized benefits of using part-time medical billing staff is lower costs. Clinics that employ part-time medical staff are required to pay on hourly-basis, which is relatively less than what they would be paying for contractual or permanent staff. Moreover, part-time billers are not entitled to bonus, gratuity, pension, or any other retirement benefits. This exclusion of statutory benefits helps you save considerably on medical billing expenditure.

A significant advantage of part-time hiring is that it allows you to flexibly vary work-hours as per the requirement.  Because you are not obligated to employee part-timers for the entire 40 hours in a week, and may need them during peak medical billing seasons or in the absence of your support staff, you end up saving on idle hours.


Contrary to the notion that part-timers are not as committed as full-timers, part-time medical billers of late are noticeably far more committed, possibly in an effort to get absorbed as permanent employees. With so much of medical billing aspirants vying for limited full-time opportunities, commitment may not be serious issue any more even with part-timers.
Diverse Knowledge

Part-time workers – by virtue of their simultaneous engagements with more than one medical billing office – may have picked up bits of diverse billing knowledge that may actually be advantageous to your billing processes. Interestingly some part-times may even be as good as fully-trained professionals.

While part-timers may be the best option for you, hiring them could sometimes be tricky if you happen to recruit them without valid background verification. To prevent any adverse experience, you would certainly need to source part-times from known sources with the right credentials.

If you are considering ‘part-time hiring’ of medical billers at your facilities, we have part-time resources willing to work as per your medical billing schedules. With a database of part-time affiliates working across 50 states in the U.S., for your medical billing processes you could utilize our part-time medical billers’ diverse medical billing expertise and experience.

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