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Expertise of medical billing consultant at your clinic

Many larger hospitals, clinics, and even physician practices may have dedicated internal medical billing staff equipped to manage day-to-day medical billing activities. It may even be unwise to call for any external medical billing intervention as long as you do not encounter any external billing changes. However, medical billing is about to be transformed by a host of new mandates – ICD-10, HIPPA-5010, compliance with meaningful use of EHRs, billing under ACO model of care, etc. While your internal medical billing staff may have been doing an excellent job so far, they may still need all the help from external consultants during this phase of great transformation.

While you may realize the necessity of medical billing consultant for critical issues and phases of medical billing, you would certainly want to know the value they bring along:

Foremost, your own medical billing staff is likely to learn and respond better from working at regular intervals with competent medical billing consultants.

Second, contrary to the general notion of their service being costly, there could be hidden long term returns in terms of billing efficiency and enhanced reimbursements.

Third, billing consultants are generally believed to be good at identifying and implementing the solution to a problem more quickly and efficiently than your internal medical billing staff. As you are likely to face many critical medical billing issues at some point of time, consultants might offer you just the right direction.

Fourth, consultants offer you the flexible option of engaging their services when the situation really demands – consultant, who is required to be paid for the time is employed for, is a better choice than a permanent expert who might have to be paid even during idle hours.

Fifth, billing consultants happen to be versatile with inherent capacity to rectify multiple medical billing issues simultaneously, which saves you from having to hire a separate consultant for each of your medical billing issues.

Last, consultants, who are generally good at forecasting any eventualities, may help you to be proactively prepared for any impending medical billing challenges.

Though medical billing consultants in the U.S. apparently rank high in terms of professional standards and integrity, it might still be safe to verify your prospective consultants’ credentials or follow recommendations of your peers. In the absence of both, it makes sense to approach medical billing intermediaries with proven track-record.

 If you are considering hiring ‘medical billing consultants’ to address critical medical billing issues and augment your billing efficiency, we have competent resources willing to reconcile your medical billing within you budgetary constraints. With an association of consultants working across 50 states in the U.S. for your medical billing processes you could utilize our consultation model.

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