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In a medical office would it be more beneficial to do contractual hiring?

As care providers, you may primarily have medical staff that is restricted to clinical duty alone. While you may be willing to invest in medical billing resources to the best of your ability, you cannot always be sure of returns from investing on hiring and training of medical billers. However, there are still options that absolve you of managerial responsibility – ‘contractual hiring’ is one such model.

Contractual hiring is an agreement wherein the supplier undertakes to provide medical billing staff as required by care providers. The onus of hiring and compensating rests entirely with the contractual supplier while care providers are obligated only to pay a pre-determined sum (either monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually) that includes remuneration towards contracted medical billers and contractual suppliers’ professional fees.

With the burden of hiring, training, and managing medical billing staff off your shoulders, you can entirely focus on clinical efficiency. Moreover, you can hold your supplier accountable for inferior performance of contracted medical billing staff. As a result, suppliers are always driven to assign the best possible resources at your premises.

Contractual hiring comes with a host of benefits:

Access to quality professionals: Medical billing staff coming through contractual hiring invariably happens to be highly competent. With the onus firmly resting on suppliers, you can always expect professionals to be thorough screened and assessed before they are assigned to your facilities.

Enhanced staffing flexibility: Quite often, medical billing volumes may increase all of a sudden due to either raise in patient volumes or inadequate billing resources. Contractual hiring offers you the flexibility to adjust to the changing medical billing demands.

Relief from accounting issues such as payroll, timesheets, tax filings, etc.: With the entire responsibility of recruiting and compensating resting with the supplier, contractual hiring virtually relieves you of accounting issues such as payroll, timesheets, tax filings, etc.

Respite from human resource issues such as employee compensation, benefits and grievances: In contractual hiring, it is the suppliers who are essentially responsible for addressing HR issues such as employee compensation, benefits and grievances. Therefore, you will remain completely absolved of complex HR issues.

Trying before hiring:  Because you get to assess the contracted medical billers’ role over a period of time, it may help you consider exceptional performers for permanent medical billing roles at your facilities.

Cost Optimization: Most significantly, Contractual hiring helps to do away with pre-hire costs, such as advertising, background checks, and screening.  Moreover, because most the contractors operate on large scales, you bargain for hiring cost that is well within your budgetary constraints.


If you are considering ‘Contractual Hiring’ of medical billers at your facilities, we have resources that can be mapped to your specific requirements. With a nationwide resource base (across the 50 states in the U.S.) that has come through stringent hiring tests, you can expect to be assigned with the best in the business. 

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