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In a medical office would it be more beneficial to do permanent hiring?

As care providers, you may be keen to be involved in controlling and managing medical billing staff at your facilities, and even have resources to recruit, train, and retain medical staff on permanent basis. Permanent hiring has proved to be strategically wise decision for clinical facilities with progressive growth in medical billing, and it might even hold good for you too.

Amongst several inherent advantages, permanent hiring:

  • Allows you select ideal medical billing resources from a large pool of professionals with diverse competence and experience
  • Encourages you nourish the talent with proper training and orientation that may bring in long terms benefits in terms of enhanced medical bill reimbursements
  • Promotes a sense of loyalty amongst your medical billing staff, and loyal medical staff virtually negate the chance of labor turnover. Thus, you may not be concerned about cost associated with frequent recruitment and training.
  • Enables medical billing staff to adapt to evolving medical billing standards in way that best promotes your medical billing efficiency and effectiveness

Despite these inherent advantages and long term benefits, permanent hiring process may not be all that easy – assessing your staffing requirement and finding matching resources from a huge database of talented professionals may at times be complex.

Therefore, you could need the intervention of a recruitment partner who is versatile enough to support throughout the process of assessing, recruiting, training, and retaining.

Amongst the qualities that are desirable in your prospective recruitment partner, the following should ranked high in the order:

  • Nation-wide access to competent and experienced medical billing resources
  • Planned approach and customized recruitment solutions
  • Qualitative research initiatives to evolve with changing recruitment standards
  • Demonstrated ability in initiating recruitment solutions for a diverse portfolio of clinical facilities
  • Continual support at each stage of recruitment process
  • Known for time-bound deliverables
  • Adept at campaigning and mass sourcing
  • Promoting capability growth
  • Proactive risk mitigation through back-up resources
  • Helping in HR policies implementation


 If you are considering ‘Permanent Hiring’ of medical billers at your facilities, we have the expertise in mediating the entire process of assessing, sourcing, and recruiting medical billing staff mapped to care providers’ individualistic needs. With nationwide-access to competent medical billers (across the 50 states in the U.S.) backed by our HR-support services, you can always be sure of positive returns from ‘Permanent Hiring’ of medical billing staff.

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