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Inpatient medical coders

Inpatient medical coders perform/handle the following responsibilities/tasks:

  • Inpatient coders mostly assign standard procedural codes, but to perform this responsibility, the inpatient coder has to do the following activities:
    • Reviewing records of discharged patients including patient medical notes documented records provided by attending physicians
    • Summarizing statistical data
    • Determining different level of diagnoses forming a treatment episode
  • Inpatient coders also perform leadership roles and work as liaisons, mostly interacting with outside parties such as an oversight organization.

Note: Some of these responsibilities may apply depending on experience and the nature of environment.

Salary Range

  • Inpatient coders working in the US earn around $53,000 annually depending on organization size or type, area, expertise, industry  and so on (figures taken from industry sources)

Certification Needed

Certifications for inpatient coding are not a must; however, candidates with formal training will have better job opportunities. The following trainings are recommended:

  • Specialized training in coding to quality as a certified inpatient coder
  • Associate's degree in medical record coding

Additional qualifications

  • Knowledge of coding software to process insurance and billing claims
  • Familiarity with medical terminologies related to anatomy biology
  • Knowledge of pharmacology and all major diseases

Work Environment and Outlook

  • Inpatient coding job growth is expected to grow further as shown by data from the United States
  • Inpatient coders with strong computer and technology skills will have more industry demand due to increasing use of electronic health records
  • General dynamism is helpful for this role as it will help the coder to adjust to various environments and nature of activities
  • Should have knowledge of international ICD-9 and the ICD-10 codes classifications
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