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Other Duties-

  • Batch control forms to be reviewed and completed, allocating batch control numbers and entry dates and adding number of transactions, charges, credits, payments, and general batch totals.
  • Assign clinical codes for reimbursement and data analysis.
  • Use coded data to draft and submit claims
  • Patient queries to be answered and telephone inquiries pertaining to given accounts to be looked after.
  • Accounts Receivable reports to be managed
  • All accounts for insurance to be followed up and reviewed.
  • Denied claims to be reviewed and appealed and submit secondary billing on a timely basis
  • Data and total charges to be compared. In case of an error, edit or modify the differences.
  • Pending claims to be followed up within the given time frame of a standard billing cycle.
  • Work with the insurance company, healthcare provider, and patient in order to process a claim and get paid.
  • Pursue legal issues if any

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