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Medical Coding Specialists

Certified coding specialists handle the following responsibilities/tasks:

  • To convey critical information about illnesses and treatment, use alphanumeric diagnostic and procedure codes
  • Maintain complete and accurate records of all care
  • Prepare reimbursement claims
  • Verify insurance policies
  • Check records

Note: responsibilities may vary depending on work environment.

Salary Range

  • The annual average salary of a medical billing and coding specialist is $46,520. It can vary depending on experience.

Certifications required:

  • To get certified, students have to successfully complete at least one of several exams available through AHIMA and AAPC. Certificate programs in medical coding generally take about a year to complete and are available through community colleges, continuing education centers and four-year colleges.
  • To accurately assign diagnostic or procedural codes to entries, they have to have knowledge of medical terminology, diseases and medications.
  • Strong knowledge of biology, anatomy, physiology and medical terminology

Industry Work Environment and Outlook

The industry outlook for medical coding specialists is good as new areas of employment are opening up.

Most medical coding specialists work in the following healthcare facilities:

  • Hospitals
  • Physician offices and group practices
  • Surgery centers
  • Nursing homes and long-term care facilities
  • Dental offices
  • Home healthcare agencies
  • Mental health facilities
Certified coding specialists can post their details with us to access the best opportunities across all US states and varied specialties.
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