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Medical Records Field Technician

The role and Responsibilities/Tasks of Medical Records Field Technician include:

  • Mainly responsible for accurate plus secure storage and retrieval of medical records
  • Establishes ICD-CM code numbers for client diagnosis
  • Converts data from medical records into tables for research purposes; and for compilation of daily and monthly reports
  • Using required forms reports specified diseases to health department
  • Records client referrals to other clinicians and follows-up to ensure a response from external clinician
  • Removes and re-files records as required
  • Assists with patient registration and interaction

Duties may change depending on the set-up or employer. Technicians may work with doctors and nurses to clarify information, may be involved in medical billing, and may assist with other office duties.

Salary Range
  • Medical Records Field Technician in 2012 on an average earn between approximately $30,000 - $50,000 per annum depending on organization size or type, area, expertise, industry and so on (figures taken from industry sources)
Certification Needed

Minimum Qualifications- Medical Records Field Technician needs to possess any one of the following:

  • Certificate in Medical Technology (MT), which takes 3-6 months
  • 2 year associate degree in Medical Record Technology
  • 2 years of medical records /related experience
  • Any similar experience and/or education from which similar knowledge; skills and abilities may have been acquired

Additional certifications generally include-

  • The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) certification for Registered Health Information Technicians (RHIT), which requires to be a graduate of an accredited two-year associate degree and passing a written exam.
  • The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), the Board of Medical Specialty Coding and Professional Association of Health Care Coding Specialists - different credentialing in coding and specialized coding
  • Successful completion of ICD_10 (minimum version 2) Introductory qualification
  • Completion of the intermediate coding course is beneficial to the technician
Other skills required include-
  • Medical Records Technicians must be extremely detail-oriented, proficient with computer systems and technology, and thoroughly familiar with general medical concepts and terminology
  • Working knowledge of medical records procedures and organization is important as well, according to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM),
  • Added advantage to have completed coursework in anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology, or has depicted proficiency in these areas in earlier assignments
  • Specialization in clinical classification, health care reimbursement methods, and database management
  • Knowledge of Health care environment and commitment to accuracy
  • Knowledge of Quality Assurance and accreditation principles
Work Environment and Outlook
  • The most number of medical records technicians work in hospitals, according to the BLS. Though, they are employed by variety of health-care-related businesses as well
  • According to BLS employment the field of Medical Records Technology is one of the fastest growing in the healthcare field; with opportunities expected to rise by 18- 20 percent, from 2008 through 2018
  • Need for medical record technicians is increasing due to - an aging population requiring more medical care, increase in preventative medical testing, older workers retiring, advancing in their career and employee turnover
  • Medical record technicians with strong computer and technology skills will be most qualified for these positions, due to increasing use of electronic health records
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