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Optometry billing stands as a critical and nuanced area, particularly for specialized practices. This blog explores the success story of a Texas-based eye clinic, Comprehensive Ophthalmology, in revolutionizing its optometry billing and coding processes, highlighting the expertise brought in by Medical Billers and Coders (MBC), a leading optometric billing company.

This case study is a testament to the benefits of outsourcing billing in optometry, showcasing significant improvements in efficiency and financial health.

Comprehensive Ophthalmology: A Background

Comprehensive Ophthalmology, an eye clinic in Texas, confronted numerous challenges within their optometry medical billing framework. Despite robust infrastructure and handling about 2200 patient visits monthly, they faced issues like:

  • Limited resources in in-house optometry billing.
  • Loopholes in verification processes.
  • Lack of expertise in optometry billing and coding.
  • Delays in patient statements.
  • The need for streamlining the entire optometry medical billing process.
  • A decrease in practice collection.
  • Delays in payment posting.
  • Increasing Accounts Receivable (AR) over 120 days.

To address these issues, MBC was chosen to overhaul the clinic's optometry billing processes.

Our Approach - Addressing the Challenges

MBC's strategy for enhancing the clinic's optometry billing involved a thorough analysis and implementation of a dedicated team. Key steps included:

  • Eligibility Verification: Implementing rigorous insurance verification processes by experts in optometry billing.
  • Demographics, Charge Entry, and Claim Submissions: Overhauling the charge entry and claim submissions, crucial in optometry medical billing.
  • Claims Submissions: Focusing on the acceptance and rejections, a pivotal aspect of optometry billing and coding.
  • Payment Posting and Denials Handling: Streamlining the payment and denials, a critical component in optometric billing.
  • Account Receivable Management: Introducing effective AR management practices.
  • Patient Statements: Improving the efficiency and accuracy of patient statements.

Results - A Story of Transformation

The decision to focus on outsourcing billing in optometry to MBC led to:

  • Increased efficiency in optometry billing and coding.
  • Improved financial performance, as evidenced by higher collection rates.
  • Streamlined optometry medical billing processes.


The journey of Comprehensive Ophthalmology with MBC illuminates the advantages of partnering with a specialized optometric billing company. This partnership not only enhanced their optometry billing processes but also allowed them to focus more on patient care, proving the effectiveness of outsourcing billing in optometry.

[Click here for a detailed case study PDF] for an in-depth look.

This case study is a clear indicator that challenges in optometry medical billing can be effectively overcome with the right expertise, underscoring the importance of specialized optometry billing and coding knowledge in navigating the complexities of this field. 

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1. Why is optometry important in healthcare?

Optometry is important in healthcare for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of eye disorders and vision issues.

2. What is the role of the optometrist?

The role of an optometrist is to examine eyes for vision and health problems, prescribe corrective lenses, and provide treatment for certain eye conditions.

3. What is the procedure code for eye exam?

The procedure code for an eye exam is typically 92004 for a new patient comprehensive exam or 92014 for an established patient comprehensive exam.

4. What is another name for an eye specialist?

Another name for an eye specialist is an ophthalmologist.

5. What is the role of an optometrist in the hospital?

In a hospital, an optometrist's role primarily involves conducting eye exams, diagnosing eye conditions, and providing pre- and post-operative care for patients undergoing eye surgeries.

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