Planning to take a vacation? You can certainly bring a temporary physician to cover for you while you are on a holiday but what about reimbursements? Regardless of your plans, if your staffing and reimbursement strategies are not in place, you might miss out on revenue for every day that you are not present at the practice.

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Bringing in a temporary physician?

If you are contracting with a physician to cover for your absence, ensure that billing is done for all the services offered by the interim physician. As per the rules of private insurance providers and the government, you have the right to collect revenue for every service offered by the temporary physicians just like you would with a staff employee.

Is your untrained staff posing problems?

At times, going on a vacation results in revenue loss as untrained billing staff fail to perform error-free coding or submit claims on time. If there is no proper management in your absence, be prepared to deal with rising number of claim denials and compliance issues once you come back.

If your billing department doesn’t remain accessible while you are vacationing and if they have any support issues or if any of your billing staff goes on leave, billing operations will get stalled majorly.

Outsource billing tasks and enjoy peaceful holidays:

In order to eliminate the headache of billing, coding, reimbursements and other administrative tasks, many practices prefer outsourcing these services to a billing company. Whether or not you are on a vacation, a billing company will ensure that your revenue cycle is handled year-round in a professional manner.

Advantages of hiring a billing company:

  • Your claims will be submitted on time
  • Error-free coding will be performed by certified, well-trained coders
  • Compliance with HIPAA and other reforms
  • Minimized administrative workload
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • No headache of hiring or training coders and billers
  • Transparency in performance reports
  • No headache of staff turnover

Factors like patient enrolment, patient scheduling and insurance verification will also be handled with the use of latest technology and professional expertise. has a specialized team of billing and coding experts who have been helping physicians and small practices in streamlining billing cycle. We offer a one stop solution for all your billing requirements, even while you are on a vacation. Our aim is to maximize your reimbursements, reduce claim denials and offer you ample time to concentrate on quality patient care.

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