It’s no revelation that ‘Change’ is the buzzword in the field of Radiology today, which has been in progress at its highest sustained speeds ever. This combined with things like disruption in technological advances and regulatory mandates like MACRA, any Radiology practice has a lot to deal with when it comes to practice management. Keeping all these upheavals in mind, it is only wise for a Radiologist to take charge of ‘change’ before the change sways the prosperity of their practice away. 

Change Management is a concentrated way that dictates how successful transformations be implemented and how to get from the status quo to the desired change. When taken care of in time change management can help all stakeholders adapt to the new environment and systems in the best possible ways. It also helps the practice achieve its desired objectives even in the face of reorientation. 

Here are 6 measures that make it easier for Radiologist to leverage change:

Reiterate a Reason for the Change

The foremost step is to develop a compelling argument explaining why the practice must move away from the status quo. The argument must also shed light on the sense of urgency as to why the change must occur immediately. Rethinking about the reason also helps you clear the air at the practice as you provide appropriate information to partners and employees making everyone understand why going into this new realm of change is the preferred alternative to the existing situation.

Build the team

For the successful implementation of change, it is important to assemble an appropriate set of people. There are certain variables that one must consider while narrowing down to a team like talent, skill, experience, and levels of influence at hand. Sometimes, when the internal resources fall insufficient a radiologist can always resort to recruiting consultants and making additional hiring from outside.

Create the vision

To effectively execute the change at your practice you need to ask what the new change will look like and how it will improve upon the current circumstance. You need to question the benefits it will reap for both the practice and its individual members. These well-defined answers will provide a direction to your step toward the change you aim at.

Leverage networks

Networks help you build the credibility that's essential as a key influencer for change. A radiology practice can benefit greatly from the network structure built by the efforts of the team and can help the radiologist and his team to cope with the change in better ways.

Communication; The Key

It is important to keep stakeholders updated on the changes made in the project the team is working on and its progress. This can be done in a number of ways like celebrating milestones reached, acknowledging the hard work of the team in the form of bonuses, etc. It's also important to curb any origin of rumors and negativity by ensuring complete transparency at the workplace. Put to use the wide variety of communication tools available today, even if this needs you to assign communication responsibilities to ensure that the information flow is constant and consistent.

Establishing Sustainability

A peculiar thing about ‘change’ is that it continually needs to be reinstated as the ‘new normal.’ For this effective leadership and tactful management need to reinforce the position that the change has been incorporated and is the new path forward. Putting plans in place for problems or glitches is important to prevent the practice or organization from facing malfunctions. Also, visual representations in the form of new metrics and dashboards that reflect the change should be established and highlighted.

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