Employed or Independent we can’t suggest the best alternative for you but today we can offer you something which would make you weigh your options on a balance scale. Whether you are just stepping in the field of practice or an experienced physician looking for the change in practice scenario.

Independent Practices

Independent practices still follow the simple rule of providing patient care with simplified and unique perspective to earn the trust of the cured patient. Independent practices add up to the journey of being an entrepreneur.

An independent physician from Ohio who initially started as an employee of hospital parted his way after six months,” It was yearlong contract mostly everyone was rated according to the procedures we would do in a day. The more procedure we wrote on the paper the better we were rated. There was absolutely nothing for the patient care only at the end of each year they said that you are evaluated according to the patient reviews a physician is provided. Six months down the line it becomes clear to me that I wasn’t cut out for hospitals based on the procedure. ”        

He quite without any penalty levied on him and started his own independent practice.

“The initial few days were a mess we had to buy in some major equipment’s and the patient had already started to arrive. So we usually scheduled a latter appointment for most of them but they were happy with the treatment. Every day was an adventure, something went wrong or we had too many patient at a time. It became exciting able to control your environment and workplace. ” 

Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) was a big part of his Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). Though the flow of patient was uneven during first six months after that it became steady providing personalized care for each patient.

One of the major challenges he faced while switching from employment based practice to individual practice was the initial capital of starting everything from scratch. The initial patient flow was low and as other physicians didn’t refer him, he had to rely on the marketing channels and word of mouth for the patients to know about practice. 

The flow of reimbursement was also low and usually no new patient arrived for months but with patient care for each one of them all those who have come to me stayed around for years.

Employed Practice

An employed physicians also from Ohio added that the best part of being employed is a steady pay and holidays around the year. The physicians had started as an independent practice but as “I moved from initial excitement towards more sustained growth part it became clear I wasn’t cut out for the part”. She is working as an admission physician assistant.

“We work here more dependently; my work should be finished within a specific time before other specialty physicians can take the necessary procedures. But here you can have someone to fill-up for you when you feel under the weather or an emergency leave.” She added to the perks of working as employed physicians.  

A patient responsibility is distributed among each one of them and have to share the patient care. Usually the patients are feeling ignored during their stay as one person dictates the procedure and totally different person comes and performs the procedure. The patient cannot establish any connection with physicians.

Though major hospitals offer range of specialist under a single roof a means and resource for patient care is easily available.  The patient is also provided a range of specialty-care and the total institution is liable for the patients’ healthcare condition.

Though both independent, employed physicians have perks and downfalls. Though this has been a heavily debated subject between physicians and even between administrators but each step of physicians would need a different approach.

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