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Revenue generation is one of the top catalysts to run a Durable Medical Equipment business. In other words, besides serving the patients with necessary medical gears, DME facility cannot function without getting reimbursed for the products or services they deliver. However, in the recent times, practices are shunning away from the traditional methods of in-house medical billers and coders and are hiring professional DME billing companies who can look into and reconstruct the Revenue cycle management.

DME facilities generally do not classify as a complete patient treatment in itself; it is a part of the medical procedure and its necessity depends on the physician’s diagnosis. These altering scenarios add to the already complicated reimbursement in DME billing and needs additional paperwork for a provider. Medical Billers and Coders with an established track record have been offering exclusive revenue generation solutions to DME providers. As a team of professional and certified billers we work towards increasing your profit margins and provide customized durable medical equipment billing in all parts of United States for professionals in the HME/DME industry.

By outsourcing your billing needs DME suppliers and their staff can concentrate on development of their business operations, rather than investing energy to deal with their charging and collection division. As an organization that solely deals in medical billing and coding for various medical practices, we follow the new trends that can generate positive financial numbers for your facility.

Let’s take a look on some of the reimbursements that you as a DME owner would get, if you align your services with medical billers and coders

  1. A decline in returned or held claims that happened due to incorrect and deficient data
  2. A reductions in claims denials, while increased collection numbers, eliminating the need for resubmission or rebilling.
  3. Reduced operational costs like telephone expenses, office space, payroll, workers compensation insurance, taxes, and staff monitoring and training.
  4. The convenience of reliable, proactive and professional billing staff that follow the latest trends in resolving all your billing queries and enhancing the revenue cycle.

Un-following the traditional Revenue Generation Trends

Because of the consistently changing insurance and Medicare regulations and also coding compliances the DME charging process turns out to be extremely perplexing. It is imperative for suppliers of this specialty to stay up to date with the most recent trends. Our billers and coders can deal with a wide range of medicinal charging needs and they continually update themselves with the new and current influencing trends so as to give their best on each claim filed.

DME billing service support needs of physicians in all major cities, and act as an extension of your facility and assist you in maintaining a healthy revenue cycle to help you grow your practice.

As a HIPAA compliant medical billing and coding company, ranging from charging and collections to compliance monitoring and practice management, we un-follow traditional claims management modes to ensure a noticeable difference in revenue generation. Our team utilizes the most advanced technology to provide you with fast, cost-effective services that will increase efficiency of your practice, reduce risks and improve your bottom line. 

Once your facility gets connected to a specialized medical billing firm you tailored solutions to suit the needs of your DME facility and will ensure that you get paid fully and on time. Our team experts billers will ensure that all the services you provide are billed and reimbursed for properly, improving your collection rate. 

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Published Date - Dec-27-2017 Back

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