How well do you know your Kidney?

A pain teaches us more about our body than any other feeling. We only realize about the body part which removes the unwanted fluids and wastes after the organ malfunctions---Kidney.

So know more about your kidney?

Kidney is in shape of two beans shaped organs that extract waste from the blood, balance body fluids, and remove excess fluids from the body. The other basic function of kidney is to absorb minerals from fluids and hormonal secretion for the renal secretion.

Now most people are born with two kidneys, it comes under urinary system where the kidney works as a multifunctional powerhouse. A person can live with one kidney hence kidney transplant procedures are also on rise.

What is Kidney Cancer?

Cancer that forms tissues or tumor around kidney is called as a kidney cancer. The term kidney cancer includes three categories and many genetic conditions.

1. Renal cell carcinoma forms a lining of nephrons around small tubules that filter the blood. The cancer is called as renal parenchymal cancer.

2. Renal pelvis carcinoma is formed at the center of a kidney; it's also a place where all waste products are collected.

3. Wilms tumor is a kidney cancer that develops in children under the age of 5. This is also called as nephroblastoma.

TSC, HLRCC, SDHB VHL, and BHD are some of the namely few conditions that can lead to kidney cancer.

Kidney cancer is 12th most common cancer in the world, with every 2.6 person out of 100,000 diagnosed with kidney cancer. The data comes from World Cancer Research Fund International, which has recorded the data by country and gender: Kidney cancer statistics.

The recent years, have seen great development in diagnostic and therapeutic for the kidney cancer. Some of the recent available treatments are:-

1. A new class of targeted drugs that inhibit growth of tumors by blocking angiogenesis, or blood supply, to tumor cells.

2. Another class of drugs that will block a growth pathway of cancer cells.

3. Clinical trial of new therapies which will attack the kidney cancer.

4. "Nephron sparing" kidney surgery to preserve long term kidney function.

5. Non-invasive surgical procedure to treat early form of kidney cancer.

Some of the tumors maybe non-cancerous and your doctors might not have enough information to answer the question regarding the tumor without any invasive technique. Here are some question which might help you

Are there other family members who have cancer?

At what age?

What kinds of cancer?

Report the above information to your doctor. If anyone from your family under the age of 50 and is being treated for the kidney cancer it's possible that the genetic alteration might be causing genetic cancer. The doctor might involve a genetic counselor and determine whether it's generically threating for you too. Small tumors are usually removed without great injury; the determination of tumor is a simple step. The reoccurrence of kidney cancer is largely based on the simple facts that even if full treated they might reoccur in cases.

On 22nd June 2017, to raise awareness related to kidney cancer and donate money towards the cause International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC) is organizing a World Cancer QnA Day. Now to promote the cause, we at are asking the healthcare professional to come together to ask questions regarding the kidney cancer.

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