How can Outsourcing Benefit Otolaryngology Billing?

Otolaryngologists or E.N.T. specialists across the country normally tend to spend a lot of time sorting out their patients’ bills and claims, which has started taking a toll on the quality of service and care they provide to their patients. Many practitioners are expecting steep downs in their annual revenue, majorly due to the inevitable implementation of excessively stringent billing and coding practices, which is due in October, this year. Now, the primary responsibility of any physician is to treat patients successfully and deliver uncompromising care service. But concerns over providing sufficient training to their billing department staff have started coming to the forefront of all the otolaryngologists’ duties.

But there’s a way out, indeed!

Outsourcing billing services has always led to optimization of medical practices and has substantially improved the quality of care provided, on a daily basis. As seen, in the past couple decades, the job of a healthcare practitioner has been challenged by stricter regulations being introduced, leading to increasing counts of claim denials, primarily due to billing and documentation inefficiencies.

For instance, ENT practitioners are required to perform the essential medical care or surgical procedures on the same day, in which case it is mandatory to use the appropriate modifiers and correctly bundled codes in order to secure the billing claims. Using the modifier 50 improperly may result in incorrect submitted claims, especially when handling the billing for bilateral procedures. Secondly, claim denials pertaining to Septoplasty (CPT code 30520) requires appeals and is associated with extra documentation.

Thus, a considerable amount of time is spent on following up on pending payments, from providers as well as patients, which adds to employee working hours, and, in consequence, affects the quality of overall care delivered, as the physicians get involved in sorting out their financial priorities. All the more, intrinsically thorough, expanded audits have only added to the complexity of the problem.

As a consequence, many practitioners within the field are resorting to outsourcing otolaryngology billing and coding services which promise to relieve them of all the tedious paperwork they deal with frequently.. Industry experts in the billing and coding domain have long been assisting medical practitioners get their billing process right, promising faster claim processing and subsequently, successful reimbursements.

How efficient are these billing services?

Medical billing comapnies specialize in all the procedures involving billing, coding, and successful processing of insurance claims. Their expertise in billing is not only restricted to otolaryngology, but also extends to several other medical fields, including intrinsic surgical care procedures. Medical practitioners across the country, who have outsourced their billing services, report a substantial increase in their annual revenue and have also benefited from the freedom they get from all the presumably dirty work pertaining to medical billing.

Besides assisting the practitioners with the correct billing procedures, otolaryngology billing services also take care of:

  • Charge entry
  • Insurance claims submission
  • Direct patient billing
  • Denial management
  • Revenue follow-up
  • Revenue cycle management

Now is the right time for otolaryngologists to consider outsourcing billing services and secure the payments of the care they deliver, before their billing inefficiencies start taking a toll on their revenue and subsequently, hamper the quality of care delivered.

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Published Date - Jul-24-2015 Back

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