Are your coders performing coding operations using incomplete documentation? In order to process insurance claim reimbursement in a speedy manner, coding for diagnosis and treatment procedures is usually done with unfinished documentation. Missing information results in inaccurate coding, causing revenue loss and compliance issues.

Providers need to understand that accurate documentation is the basis of coding, billing, claim submission and follow-ups with insurance companies. Your practice can receive timely payment for services only when the coding is correct and accuracy in coding entirely depends on the precision of clinical documentation.

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Are you paying attention to documentation?

As per the state and federal regulations, diagnostic and treatment documentation and patient histories need to be completed within 24 hours and 30 days time is given to complete overall record. However, due to time constraint and rising number of patients, OB GYN documentation gets affected, resulting in billing issues.

  • OB GYN medical billing cannot be successful if the records are inaccurate and documentation is incomplete
  • It will increase claim denials and make it difficult to ensure timely reimbursements, affecting the financial health of an OB GYN practice eventually
  • Not just profitability but performance-improvement activities also get affected due to inaccurate documentation
  • Your practice might face compliance issues due to documentation errors that will damage the reputation of your business in the market

How can you ensure accuracy in documentation?

Imprecision in documentation has become a common problem for OB GYN medical billing. From issues like broken global to complications in patient collection process, it becomes difficult to concentrate on documentation procedure.

  • In order to ensure precision, providers need to be in sync with the latest trends in documentation. They should also be aware of the guidelines and formalities related to OB GYN business practice
  • Providers need to be conversant with ICD-10 related OB GYN documentation as it will be required when diagnosis system changes. They will also have to remain up to date on the relevant coding guidelines

Considering time constraint and lack of skilled staff, many OB GYN practices are outsourcing their coding and documentation worries to a billing partner. This is helping them eliminate the headache of hiring or training existing staff, compliance to HIPAA and other reforms, denial management, claim submission and so on.

A billing partner will help maximize your revenue while minimizing claim denials. Since a team of experts will be handling billing and coding for your practice you can pay full attention to clinical documentation and patient care. is the largest consortium of coders and billers that offers effective billing solutions to OB GYN practices across the US. MBC is a one-stop provider of billing, coding, documentation and revenue cycle management operations for OB GYN practices. Our team has the required skill to help you solve the issue of underpayment and ensure maximum, timely payments. We make use of the latest technology for billing operations and our coders and billers are updated with new, revised codes and reforms to offer you best results.

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