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The ever changing medical science industry has over the last decade observed unprecedented changes in the form of medical advances and technological innovation. All of these developments have enormously affected the way patient treatments are conducted and have also transformed practitioners from being mere doctors to business persons. Likewise, the field of Radiation Oncology billing and coding has also undergone several CPT changes, which if not implemented correctly can reflect in delayed and denied reimbursements that might hamper your facilities bottom line.

Infrastructure costs are rising rapidly, straining productivity for both hospital-based and outpatient radiation oncology centers. Add to those regulatory changes, healthcare reform, and the increasing complexity of revenue cycle processes, radiation oncology providers are finding it increasingly difficult to maximize revenue and maintain profitability.

Beating these difficulties requires a solid bottom line controlled by specialists in medical billing and coding, particularly for radiation oncology. Many facilities today partner with outsourced medical billing services for radiation oncology practices and deliver the expertise you need to achieve your financial objectives and remain compliant. Radiation oncology billers handle all coding and billing needs for hospital-based and small to medium radiation treatment centers, so that providers can fully focus on patient care.

It's important that radiation oncology Revenue Cycle Management errands are completed as precisely and proficiently as possible to boost income and maintain a strategic distance from pointless delays and denials. Experienced offshore billing agencies involvement in overseeing radiation oncology income cycle, has lots to offer. They can help you explore and navigate through the complex federal, state and private insurer requirements.

This is an ideal time for radiologists to begin to use standardized reporting across their practice to ensure that all of the critical elements of documentation are met, and if the in-house department is falling short of doing so, well than you know what is your best option, a dedicated radiation oncology billing and coding company.

How will a dedicated billing and coding organization help you in augmenting your Oncology Revenue Cycle?

  • Effectively dealing with your documents and working with you to distinguish and accomplish your goals. The certified billing manager fills in as your vital contact and leads a devoted group of radiation oncology billing and coding specialists who are focused on your prosperity.
  • Guaranteeing all procedures rendered are billed by accommodating charges received for charging against your services log to flag missing charges.
  • Collective first pass claims acceptance to accelerate your cash flow. The embedded rules engine improves claims acceptance on first notification by proactively applying third-party rules.
  • Recognizing third-party underpayments via automatically comparing each payment against your contracted rates. The radiation oncology charging and coding experts will stack your fee schedules in their systems, track paid cases line-by-line, and effectively follow up after any underpayments to guarantee you are paid adequately for the services provided.
  • Minimizing denials through all-inclusive denials routing, reporting, and management. Denials are routed to denial management experts who are skilled at identifying root causes and managing the required follow up. This kind of detailed reporting heeds in identifying trends and, serves as the basis for creating additional rules to decrease the number of denials, while augmenting the revenue cycle.
  • Effectively overseeing patient by coordinating courtesy phone calls with patient statements. Some billers even offer the services of an online patient portal with various payment options.
  • Giving significant knowledge and far reaching understanding into your practice execution with planned and on-request detailing by means of our strong business insight stage.

A devoted radiation oncology billing and coding company works as an extended part of your oncology facility. They can help you boost your reimbursements, enhance your revenue cycle, keep errors in billing at bay and most importantly let you concentrate on the most vital part of your job, which is patient care and consideration.

Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) is a leading medical billing company providing complete revenue cycle services. To know more about our Radiation Oncology billing and coding services, contact us at

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