Due to the complexities of billing and coding, it has become important for dental practices to become familiar with the medical billing process. Selection of the right codes is vital for accurate claim submission. It will not only help reduce claim denials but also help practices avoid legal consequences.

  • Coders at dental practices need to become familiar with CPT and ICD-9 codes to sail through current medical coding requirements
  • They need to prepare for ICD-10 coding that will be implemented by 1st October 2014
  • Prior to submission, proofreading of claims is extremely important to ensure accuracy. The medical claim should be reviewed with the dentist to ensure that the correct codes have been selected
  • Timely follow-up will also be required to track the claim with insurance companies

Conversion of dental to medical billing:

Your practice can benefit by filing medically-related dental services with a medical plan. Trauma-related dental services can be billed to medical plans; however, a large number of routine procedures performed at a dental practice are billable to medical plans. Many procedures, billed only to dental plans can also be billed simultaneously to medical carriers.

The new dental form has a space for indicating medical billing and the medical form has a space for other insurance. Once done, both medical as well as dental plans can be billed at once. However, dental plans should be billed only for tooth-related procedures and all other procedures should be billed to the medical plans. Dental practices should not hesitate in billing procedures to medical plans. The staff just needs to be trained in using the codes, language, documentation, billing protocol and claim filing requirements.

Dental billing and coding is quite different from standard billing and coding for medical procedures.

Changing healthcare scenario-is your practice ready to accept the changes?

With significant changes taking place in the healthcare industry, it has become important to solve dental billing issues with precision. Only when high standards are maintained in dental care, your practice can stay ahead in competition. But, considering the lack of time, money and resources, dentists are finding it difficult to keep pace with these changes.

In order to reduce claim denials and enhance financial performance, many dental practices are outsourcing billing needs to a third party.

Benefits of specialized dental billing:

A billing company will be covering the following areas with precision:

  • Denial management
  • Patient registration
  • Eligibility verification
  • Follow-ups with insurance companies
  • Timely claim submission
  • Claim analysis
  • Cash posting for applying insurance payments to a patient’s account

Medicalbillersandcoders.com has been offering effective dental billing solutions to providers across 50 states in the US. The team at MBC is not only acquainted with American Dental Coders Association (ADCA) but also remains updated with latest coding techniques and industry information. You can rely on us for all your dental billing and coding needs as our billers have extensive knowledge of this specialty.

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