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Dental practices need to have a strong billing mechanism in place to ensure smooth cash flow. It will not only have a positive impact on performance but also improve patient satisfaction. However, in an effort to maintain high standards in patient care, dentists are left with less or no time to address issues related to revenue.

Are you also experiencing disrupted cash flow and rejected claims at your dental practice? If yes, there is a strong need to streamline your coding and billing processes. Dental billing services are classified under various categories and subheads. Only when your practice manages to depict these services appropriately in the billing system, the payment settlement process can be successful.

You will need a team of certified, well-trained coders who are proficient in submitting claims with accurate details. This will reduce the chances of delay in claim processing and assure timely payments. There are certain areas that need to be handled when streamlining dental billing such as-

  • Patient enrolment
  • Medical coding audits
  • Insurance verification
  • Financial management reporting
  • Payment posting
  • Insurance authorization
  • AR management
  • Patient scheduling

Apart from handling these areas, dental practices will have to make sure that full co-pays or deductibles are being collected on a regular basis. Coders will have to be extra careful in mentioning correct details and ensuring that claims are not submitted for covered services when a non-covered service has been conducted.

In some cases, dentists have time but they lack the skilled resources for carrying out error-free coding and billing services. To avoid such situations, dentists prefer outsourcing these requirements. This helps them reduce the risks of lost payment or HIPAA breaches.

There are various benefits of outsourcing dental billing requirements to a billing partner:

  • Outsourcing can help your practice save 30-40% on operational costs
  • It will give more time to dentists to focus on core medical activities
  • Office efficiency will improve
  • Administrative costs will be reduced
  • Profits will get maximized
  • Medical billing process will get streamlined

Billing companies offer a skilled team of coders and billers who make use of the latest technology to handle dental billing process. From charge entry, scheduling and payment posting to AR follow-ups, collections and insurance verifications, specialized billing services can help dental practices ensure maximum revenue. is the largest consortium of billers and coders in the US. We have been helping dentists sail through complexities of coding and billing requirements, ensuring maximum revenue and minimum claim denials. The team at MBC is trained to handle dental coding issues and only the latest technology is used to carry out the vital tasks.

Outsourcing your dental billing requirements to MBC will not only give you relief from hiring and training billing staff but also help you comply with HIPAA and other reforms. We offer assistance in effective EHR implementation, denial management and all strenuous optimization activities that are necessary to ensure medical efficiency at your dental practice.

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