Many dental practices are not aware of the fact that federal mandate will be requiring EMRs by 2015. Considerable financial incentives have been created by The American recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) for eligible dentists who adopt and implement EHR technology in the right manner.

Officially, dental providers are considered as eligible providers under Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs, also known as Meaningful Use. Medicare incentives are non-applicable for general dental providers but dentists with patient volume of approximately 30% Medicaid are eligible for Medicaid incentives. In order to become eligible, dental practices will have to adopt, implement as well as upgrade certified EHR technology.

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  • According to the estimations of The American Dental Association, number of dental practices with threshold of 30% Medicaid participation is approximately 12,000. After meeting the requirements for eligibility, these dentists can enjoy an incentive of $67,350 under the Medicaid EHR Incentive program, over the course of 6 years

Benefits of having a quality EHR:

  • EHR will affect the way dentists run their practice on a daily basis. It will enhance patient safety and help dentists offer better care as EHR enhances quality as well as quantity of information accessible to providers for effective decision making
  • It will enable providers to share health information with authorized providers across one or more health care organizations
  • A quality EHR will enable analysis for quality assessment, designing of decision support tools, identification of areas for improvement and other tasks
  • It can be used by your staff for managing effective scheduling of resources, people and operatories, prior to a patient’s visit
  • Your staff will also be able to perform practice management tasks like inquiries about insurance status and patient registration
  • Import and display of important information received from another healthcare provider will also become easy

Dental billing can be improved to a great extent with a quality EHR. It can be used by the dentist to enter relevant clinical documentation and capture relevant charges for medical billing during a patient’s visit. Information required for generating a claim will then flow to the billing system of the dental practice.

Once the patient leaves, EHR is used for managing billing, procedure coding and submission of claims. It also helps in facilitating post-visit communications with consulting providers, pharmacies, payers and labs.

In some cases, a secure patient portal is set up as an adjunct to the EHR at the dental practice and this is used by patients to access and view their health information.

In case you lack the time and money to buy a quality EHR and train staff for using the same, outsourcing your billing and EHR needs to companies like can bring several benefits.

MBC has been catering to dental billing and EHR needs for practitioners across 50 states in the US. Our team of experts can help you in adopting software-driven billing and coding services that will not only enhance your revenue but also improve work efficiency.

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