Article - How can Health IT aid Medical Administration?

Information Technology (IT) has become one of the most important factors playing a defining role in the success of most sectors. For many companies their competitive advantage is their advanced technical research and technological usage.

Usage of IT in Medicine

Similarly, IT has given a lot to the medical field. With the advancement in technology, medical practitioners have now been able to tackle many ailments which were previously incurable. More importantly, technology has given hope to both doctors and patients.

IT has been significant in laboratories in improving their diagnosis. Better state-of-the-art technologies have now been in commission in many laboratories. This has reduced the margin of errors and results are now more accurate aiding physicians in treating the patient. The recuperation period has also reduced.

There are a few attributes of Health IT that need to be addressed. First is an organization wide focus which talks about the needs of the patient, next is strong leadership, third, Health IT should get access to information which will help in coordinated care and finally there needs to be accountability.

Usage of IT in Medical Administration

In fact the administrative side of the medical field too has reaped the benefits of advanced technology. The introduction of EMR and EHR systems has revolutionized the way practitioners tackle their administration. In fact, EHR systems do not only take care of the administrative part but also connect the medical and administration making life simpler for everyone; right from the doctor to the biller and coder.

Once the details are fed in, they can be shared with other clinics, hospitals and physicians with ease. Furthermore, all details are available at a click and it helps in filing claims too.


The triple aim of Health IT; of improving health, improving the experience of care of patients and families and reducing the cost of care is finally taking shape due to the continuous progress of technology and also because of the ready acceptance of physicians who are a part of the changing technological environment.

Health IT does not only help in improving patient care but also assists in increasing the revenue of the practice; a perfect ally to keep.

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