Patient satisfaction has always been the major concern for most of the healthcare providers. Patient satisfaction has proved to be of vital importance for the physicians as it can impact actual reimbursement for care.

More than that, patient satisfaction also affects liability risk and marketing. From the liability point of view, patients who are satisfied with their care are less likely to file complaints or lawsuits. From the marketing point of view, high satisfaction levels are crucial to attract new patients, retain existing patients, and recruit new physicians to the medical staff.

  Industry facts state

Interactive monitors helps boosts patient satisfaction by 42% and lifts overall satisfaction scores by least 10%
78% Americans believe doctors who use a computer system to store medical records provide them with better care

Use technology to improve patient satisfaction

Using right EHR solution can create clinical and practice efficiencies, and opportunity to increase patient satisfaction. Let us see some ways where the use of technology can enhance patient satisfaction and prove beneficial for your practice:

  • Perception of better care:
    Patients who are well versed with technological advancements are more likely to expect their providers to use better technology. Using sophisticated technology to store medical records at your practice helps in gaining patient satisfaction.
  • Better scheduling of patients:
    Using patient scheduling systems can provide you with convenient access to patient scheduling, refills, and questions through a patient portal. Certain online tools used for patient scheduling allows better communication interface to patients like scheduling appointments, requesting refills, asking questions, etc. and provides convenience to the patients.
  • Faster filling of prescriptions:
    Using e-prescribing facilities through EHR can prove to be beneficial for busy patients as the prescription is sent directly to the pharmacy, and the patients can pick up their medications faster. E-prescribing also eliminates the need to keep up with a paper prescription.
  • Helpful appointment reminders:
    Certain technological solutions offer automated email appointment reminders, which will help patients remember their appointments and show up on time. This tool can certainly be helpful for busy patients who have many things to look upon.
  • Improved quality of service:
    Certain clinical decision support tools and clinical protocol compliance tracking tools can help providers enhance the care they give to their patients at your practice, which will certainly improve patient satisfaction.

Leverage patient satisfaction to increase revenue

As a physician, it is your responsibility to ensure that the patients understand their financial responsibility and feel that they get proper care to enhance the overall experience. For this, you can rely on the technological solutions to provide optimum care to the patients.

The best technological solutions can...

  • Provide your staff with information that has been verified and authenticated prior to the patient appearing at registration.
  • Protect patient identity and enhance patient to verify identification and link them to the unique medical record.
  • Allow patients to communicate with staff and access information about their care.

The use of technology makes patients increase their faith at your practice as they believe they are valued and expected, which ultimately boosts your profitability. has been successfully providing medical billing services for over a decade now across all 50 US States. With a vast array of services available with MBC, our clients can easily concentrate on patient satisfaction to optimize their revenue. Our clients rely on us for optimized billing services and well informed decisions, so that they can concentrate on improved communication at their practice and stay fully committed to their profession.

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