Today you have luxury of finding a physician around your living space. In next few years the things might become more difficult with reduction of a number of physicians. Next two decades this might become a reality, a major physician shortage is looming large, thanks to Obama-care and federal regulations laid down. According to last year survey conducted for the mid-career physicians gave in some shocking revelation that many mid-career physicians leave the practice of medicine; the growth for mid-level administrators has been 3,000 percent in last 30 years. Fewer students are now entering medical school and most of the hospital administrator’s account for a large proportion of healthcare cost.

The shortage of physician in future will affect both the primary care and numerous other subspecialties. According to few of the mid working cardiologist statement “while we were studying in medical school there were many cardiologists present in the market so the field wasn’t said to be lucrative. They were pushed towards primary care but we pursed our passion and after almost 17 years we have no issues in finding a job.”

According to the reports of Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), it’s expected that there will be a shortfall of almost 40,000 primary care physicians. With over 60,000 physicians shortage at different specialties such as allergy, immunology, gastroenterology, cardiology, and other infectious diseases. The surgery seems to be worst affected with overburden on surgery section with over 30,000 fewer surgeons than needed for the total population.

The above statistics are troubling for all Americans looking for healthcare, with already aging healthcare staff the need for new bright young minds increases. Attracting bright young minds needs to be simple and easy. The AAMC on the following issues has said that the current shortage lies in creating more training spots and allowing more advanced practice nurses to work as trained physicians.

The answer to lot of the above questions lies with regulations maker

  • Limit the use of technology in admin work that involves doctor

Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) one of the major parts of doctor’s lives, the need of an end to end documentation to charge a patient for every step. A physician is forced to click through a myriad of records in order to document their care and work on different pathways to maximize the revenue. Most of the doctors spend more than an hour working on documentation and with patient care load. Doctors should never be tasked with the job of biller and coder.

  • Remove hospital admin from interfering in patient care

An admin is an admin and a doctor is a doctor. The two shouldn’t be mixed on, admin should work independently. Admins have said that they will mostly work in sections which will support the patients’ health and safety. However, there is no conclusive evidence about the same. A physician should be well represented with decision-making team.

  • Make patient care more channelized

A doctor is more frustrated that they are not being able to do his work when needed. A healthcare can be made more accessible with resource need satisfied for a physician. A doctor-patient interaction is more important and with incubation of healthcare regulations can worry up the physician.

  • Insurance companies shouldn’t deal with patient care

Insurance companies should only deal with money, not over standing on the patient care. The reason of most turn off is recent sanctities when the insurance companies start dictating the terms of patient care.

For bring the great talent and to strive better in the field of healthcare the revenue management system needs to systemize the revenue management system.

Published By - Medical Billers and Coders
Published Date - Jul-05-2017 Back

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