A Comprehensive Guide to Choose the Right Dermatology CPT Code

Are you confident that your dermatology coding is accurate and not causing revenue losses? What if I told you that merely one wrong CPT code can significantly hamper your revenue?

Dermatology coding is intricate, wherein precision is paramount. Inaccurate dermatology billing and coding practices can lead to missed reimbursements, compliance headaches, and in the end, a loss in overall revenue.

Did you know that doctors in the U.S. miss out on approximately $125 billion each year due to improper billing and coding practices?

If you are a dermatologist facing coding issues that undermine your hard work and expertise, it's time to learn to choose the right dermatology CPT codes and safeguard your practice's financial health.

Understanding Medical Coding in Dermatology:

In dermatology, coding involves translating diagnoses, procedures, and treatments into specific alphanumeric codes that are recognized universally. To ensure accurate claim processing, reimbursement, and effective communication between dermatologists and insurers, meticulous coding is crucial.

Basic Coding Procedures in Dermatology:

  • Lesion Excision (Dermatology CPT Code: 11400-11646):

Lesion excisions involve the removal of various skin growths, such as moles or cysts. Coding for these processes depends on factors such as location, size, and complexity of the process. For example, for benign lesion excisions codes 11400-11406 are used, while codes 11600-11646 are used for malignant lesions.

  • Biopsy (Dermatology CPT Code: 11100-11101):

Biopsies are highly common in dermatology for diagnosing skin disorders or evaluating the malignancy of skin growths. CPT codes 11100-11101 can be used to identify skin biopsy processes, encompassing various methods like punch biopsies or incisional biopsies.

  • Cryotherapy (Dermatology CPT Code: 17000-17004):

Cryotherapy offers a solution for treating various skin lesions using freezing techniques. CPT codes 17000-17004 are used for Cryotherapy. The CPT code is chosen based on the quantity and dimensions of treated lesions.

  • Phototherapy (Dermatology CPT Code: 96910-96912):

In phototherapy, light is used to address skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. Based on the specific phototherapy type and treated area, CPT codes 96910-96912 are used in phototherapy.

Secret Tips to Code Accurately:

  • Documentation is key: Maintain comprehensive records about the dermatology procedure or service provided, including patient history, examination findings, and treatment plan. Thorough documentation supports the medical necessity of the service and helps prevent revenue loss.
  • Be Specific: You should provide or consider explicit details about the treated area's location, size, and specific disorder for precise coding.
  • Understand Modifier Usage: You must use modifiers such as “59” to denote distinct procedural services and enhance coding accuracy.
  • Compliance is crucial: You must adhere to coding regulations established by institutions like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and private payers. Also, to ensure compliant billing practices and avoid claim denials, you need to follow coding guidelines, local coverage determinations, and payer-specific policies.
  • Stay Updated: You need to update your coding knowledge constantly to act accordingly with the evolving guidelines and ensure precision in coding practices.

As a seasoned dermatologist, you diagnose and treat numerous skin conditions effectively. However, when it comes to coding and billing, you do not have the expertise to code accurately. One wrong CPT code might impact your entire revenue cycle. Fear not! Here’s a solution. You can consider outsourcing the dermatology billing and coding process and focus on patient care while minimizing revenue losses.

How MBC Can Help Dermatologists Improve Revenue?

Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) is one of the largest consortiums in the US, dedicated to helping doctors address their challenges in medical billing and coding. We offer comprehensive revenue cycle services tailored to the unique needs of your dermatology practices. Our veteran professionals are certified medical coders and billers, proficient in handling a wide range of dermatological procedures, and dedicated to maximizing claim reimbursement.

Key Benefits of MBC's Dermatology Billing and Coding Services:

Key Benefits of MBC's Dermatology Billing and Coding Services

  • Reduction in Outstanding Accounts Receivables: Our experts ensure timely claim submission and follow-up, minimizing outstanding payments and optimizing cash flow.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Expertise: We stay updated on coding regulations and changes, ensuring compliance with industry standards and maximizing claim acceptance rates.
  • Improved Clinical Efficiency: Dermatologists can prioritize delivering exceptional patient care by outsourcing billing and coding services to MBC, eliminating the need to handle administrative tasks.

Don’t Let Coding Errors Hamper Your Dermatology Practice!

Choosing the right dermatology CPT codes is essential for accurate billing and revenue optimization in dermatology practices. With MBC you can not only streamline your coding and billing process but also increase your revenue by 10-15%.

Contact Medical Billers and Coders today for effective solutions to avoid inaccurate coding and streamline your dermatology billing and coding operations.


Q: What are the benefits of accurate dermatology CPT coding?

A: Accurate coding ensures proper reimbursement, maintains comprehensive patient records, and facilitates seamless communication with insurers.

Q: What is the 59 modifier for dermatology?

A: The attachment of the “59” modifier to CPT codes denotes that a practice or service was different or separate from other services performed on the same day.

Q: What factors should be considered when selecting dermatology CPT codes?

A: Dermatologists should consider the specific procedure, lesion characteristics, and documentation requirements to choose the most appropriate CPT code for accurate billing.

Q: How outsourcing dermatology billing and coding services from MBC can benefit your practice?

A: Outsourcing dermatology billing and coding from MBC reduces overhead costs, ensures compliance with regulations, and allows dermatologists to focus on patient care and clinical efficiency.

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