It can be a challenging task to maintain accuracy in gastroenterology medical billing and coding. High level of knowledge and precision is required to ensure strong financial health of a gastroenterology practice.

Similar to other specialty-specific codes, gastroenterology codes have also been subject to revisions annually. Various new CPT codes have been added in these revisions, increasing coding complexities. It has become essential for the staff to know when to add Initial Observation Care time component codes, appropriate modifiers and prolonged service codes.

Billing for motility and GI function studies, colorectal cancer screenings vs. Colonoscopies , category III codes for treatment of GERD, applying the use of modifiers -26, -51 and -59 and documenting proper levels of evaluation are also some of the challenges that pose problems in gastroenterology medical billing.

Requirements for accurate gastroenterology billing and coding:

  • If the billing staff is not well-trained, their inability to track underpayments can result in huge revenue losses
  • Gastroenterology billers should have the required training to follow-up claims and make appeals so that the practice gets paid for every service offered
  • Practice should be well prepared for ICD-10 implementation and HIPAA compliance
  • HIPAA guidelines for gastroenterology documentation should also be followed
  • Coders and billers should be conversant with CPT coding guidelines, CMS-1500 and UB-92 claim forms and so on

Why outsource?

Coding and billing mistakes made by the in-house staff can lead to underpayments and claim denials. Gastroenterologists need to devote more time in documentation to ensure error-free coding. Considerable time and money should be spent on hiring and training coders and billers so that they can manage the comprehensive coding and billing requirements.

Due to time constraint, providers are facing difficulties in striking a balance between patient care and billing requirements. In order to maximize revenue and minimize claim denials, many practices are outsourcing gastroenterology medical billing.

Benefits of hiring a billing partner:

  • 24/7 accessibility to financial information and patient data
  • Increased income and collections
  • Accurate financial and practice management reporting
  • Reduced headache of balancing patient care and administrative tasks
  • Revenue cycle transparency

A reputed medical billing company will offer a well-trained team of coders and billers who will give personal attention to the revenue cycle management of your practice. Since the team remains up to date with the latest changes in gastroenterology codes and payer requirements, you can be assured of accuracy in billing and coding. has been offering effective coding and billing services to gastroenterology practices across the US. With an aim to increase reimbursements, our team at MBC is well-trained for handling coding, billing, payer relations, patient relations, client reporting, collections, fee analysis and managed-care contracts.

We use the latest, advanced medical billing software to ensure best results and also offer effective business solutions. Whether you own a private practice or you are employed in a hospital, our gastroenterology billing services are meant to enhance your reimbursements, leaving you with enough time to focus on patient care.

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