Benefits of Outsourcing Primary Care Billing Services

Increased administrative hassles and reduced potential for income are two main reasons behind the shortage of PCP in the US. Primary Care Billing and revenue-related challenges have been causing great dissatisfaction among primary care doctors. This has also led to a steady decline in the number of medical students willing to pursue a career in primary care.

  • Around 52,000 more PCPS will be required in the United States by 2025
  • The total number of office visits to primary care doctors will increase to 565 million in 2025
  • By 2025, the population in the USA will increase by an estimated 15.2%. There will be a 60% increase in the older-than-65 age group

Challenges Faced by Primary Care Doctors

  • PCPs are paid less than surgeons and other specialists. Care provided by them is not appropriately recognized by payment policies and this affects their compensation
  • Due to low income, physicians have no option but to keep the costs down
  • They are forced to attend to a large number of patients on a daily basis to ensure that the overhead is met and income is garnered
  • Being part of a non-sustainable business model, physicians have to accept unpleasant burdens from insurers and spend hours co-ordinating the details on phone, which they don’t get paid for
  • According to the American Medical Association, the increasing number of visits from elderly patients is also posing a challenge for PCPs. It has increased the average duration of a visit
  • PCPs also have to balance preventive care and acute care along with expanding choices in drug therapy
  • Due to low pay, physicians haven’t been able to invest in Health IT or other measures that can help increase productivity and decrease practice expenses

PCP faces various other challenges related to the effective implementation of EHR, hassle-free integration of Health IT into the practice, and meeting the requirements for Meaningful Use standards.

How is Outsourcing Benefitting Primary Care Billing Practices?

MBC's primary care billing services has a team of certified and experienced billers and coders who are well-trained in handling challenges faced by PCP. They have the skills required for maximizing revenue and minimizing claims denials.

Outsourcing has helped PCP strengthen its revenue cycle. It has helped them sail through reimbursement challenges without having to merge or close down their practice. Billing companies like has been helping PCPs across all 50 states in the US, streamline processes like billing, coding, denial management, RCM, and EMR /EHR implementation.

By hiring a billing partner, PCPs have been receiving timely payments from insurance companies. Since an expert billing team handles the revenue cycle, providers get sufficient time to concentrate on the provision of quality care. They are able to focus on clinical tasks rather than worrying about getting paid on time.

Measures for Handling PCP Shortage

To overcome the shortage of PCP, many medical schools are offering community-based primary care training programs. Several new medical schools have opened up and they are training only primary care doctors. They are also being offered financial incentives to get into it.

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