Value-based care is all about improving patient experiences and outcomes, and that is one reason why most healthcare providers are turning to electronic health records (EHR) and other software solutions so that their practices do well, or at least thrive in today's highly competitive atmosphere. Going forward, physicians can expect to be paid based on their performance, which has to match that of their peers in quality as well as cost.

Orthopedic surgeons and orthopedic billing service providers looking for EHR solutions need to keep in mind the following 3 important points:

1. Being Accessible at all times

Among all the specialties, it is probably orthopedic and orthopedic surgeons who are on the go most of the time. They are either meeting their patients or studying the X-rays of their patients and getting back to them for offering further advice. This is indeed a time-consuming process, and the need of the day is a solution that lets them to document their observations while on the go. Something that is cloud-based and can be accessed on the Smartphone or iPad would certainly be handy. There are several solutions that can be accessed remotely by orthopedic surgeons and Orthopedic billing companies to make their tasks easier.

2. Quality Clinical Documentation

According to CMS' Merit-Based-Incentive-Payment system, all practices will be graded on scores ranging from 0 to 100 depending on four important criteria, one of which is clinical documentation. The incentives that the practices earn will solely depend on the scores, and if they fail to meet the minimum they may even be penalized. All payment adjustments will be paid out only in 2019, which will be determined on the performance throughout 2017. Orthopedic surgeons who deserve will certainly get their due. However, orthopedic billing vendors should note that it will be difficult to establish the clinical quality of documentation unless EHR is up to date.

3. Broad-based Interface

Orthopedic billing and coding companies realize the importance of interoperability, which is an important issue in health IT. Several orthopedic billing companies and other organizations have been emphasizing the importance of working on a vendor-neutral platform where there is a common interface that allows access to physicians, orthopedic billing companies, and other related organizations operating from various locations remotely.

Common Well Health Alliance is already working on such a platform. Surgeons will be able to access patients' health information that can be stored on various EHR systems. Going forward, orthopedic surgeons may even be able to automate data entry with consummate ease and will be able to do it on mobile patient portals that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

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