Whenever one hears about outsourcing, the first thing that comes to mind is sharing your organizations workload with an offshore business entity, with a pinch of fear as to what would be the final business outcome. However, in medical billing and coding things are evolved for the good, as outsourcing the billing requirements is enabling practices to gain traction in terms of monetary benefits, work productivity, and a satisfied patient-physician relationship.

So the moot question that arises here is, do you need help with your Optometry billing, but have concerns about turning it over to an offshore agency? You are wise to be cautious and need to be cautious! We as a Medical Billing Company get frequent calls from optometrists who have had bad experiences with outsourcing–for a variety of reasons.

Here are some relevant questions related to features to look out for in an outsourced optometry billing service provider:

1. What certifications/credentials/experience does the medical billing company have?

Experience, certification, and credentials for Optometry billers and coders are of utmost importance. We at Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) wear a proud badge of work experience that spans over 20 years, including every medical practice possible. With a team of certified billers and innovation medical billing software solutions and platforms, most of the U.S. Optometrists prefer us as their number one billing services provider.

2. Does the billing company have involvement in your claim to fame?

MBC handles every medical specialty but has proven results when it comes to Optometry billing. We understand the unique demands of optometric billing, which require a solid knowledge of both medical and routine billing, and how to meld the two for the greatest monetary benefit. We serve practices all the states, and ensure we recognize your insurance payers, and help you to file for maximum reimbursements, and handle their denials and appeals. Because we specialize, you benefit!

3. What kind of financial documentation and reporting doe the billing agency provide?

Since we work directly through the client's database of patients, optometrist always has complete, real-time access to all our billing documentation and reports. There is no delay in getting prior authorization and verification as we are efficient enough in getting all the required data by our billing experts. Each month we compile reports on your AR trends and your optical staff's errors in collecting on VSP glasses.

4. How will outsourcing impact the follow-up practices?

MBC works unpaid claims on your AR report every month, and we're specialists at filing appeals if payers have handled the claim inaccurately. The main feature as an outsourced billing company is gather collections till the last cent for our clients.

5. What are the fees for outsourcing Optometry billing and coding?

The charges of each medical billing company differ from agency to agency.

Point to remember: Optometry practices need to be careful when equating medical billing company fees to ensure they are comparing oranges to oranges, i.e., full billing services that include auditing, filing, posting, AR, and follow-up appeals vs. claim submission only. Billing agencies who quote fees significantly below the industry rates usually don't providing full services. A la carte billing can be expensive, not to mention less effective if the company is not required to follow up on their own work. Protect yourself by making sure the billing company's fees and responsibilities are clearly outlined in a contract.

Our charges depend on a rate of your protection permissible installments, not your charged expenses, which is more attractive to our customers since the last expects you to pay on discounts you can't gather. NOTE: Practices should be watchful when contrasting charging organization expenses with ensure they are contrasting one type with it's logical counterpart, i.e., full charging administrations (examining, documenting, posting, AR, and follow-up requests) versus assert accommodation as it were. 

Organizations who cite expenses altogether underneath the business normal are generally not giving full administrations. Individually charging can be costly, and also less powerful if the organization is not required to catch up all alone work. Ensure yourself by ensuring the charging organization's expenses and obligations are obviously laid out in an agreement.

Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) is a leading medical billing company providing complete revenue cycle services. To know more about our Optometry billing and coding services, contact us at

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