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Small and Medium size Clinics: Great Expectations

Small and Medium sized clinics face unique type of challenges in almost all functions of physicians and staff such as administration, revenue cycle management, Electronic Health Records (EHR) implementation, and the challenge of keeping pace with the recent health reforms. The nature of the core functions as well as the other departmental processes that were efficient in a small clinic are found to be lacking in mid-sized and growing practices due to various reasons. However, the most important factor that has influenced the need for change in almost all the processes in a medium sized clinic is due to the reforms in addition to the change in the structure of the clinic or practice.

The Overdose

The recent health reforms aim to insure almost 32 million uninsured Americans and this demand overdose is one of the reasons for adoption of EHRs and stress on a paperless office and such other changes. Moreover, the increase in the aging population, lack of specialized geriatric physicians, and a booming population has added fuel to the flames. What is more, coping with such increased pressure even with EHRs and the incentives is a difficult and cumbersome task that requires training and a paradigm shift in the way various processes are carried out in clinics, whether small or mid-sized.

Under the Microscope

Small & Medium sized clinics usually have simpler administrative processes and these become more and more complex requiring a microscopic analysis of such processes in order to understand the errors and pitfalls that may bring about gloomy financial outcomes for providers. Areas such as EHR implementation, medical billing and coding, and other back-office functions also become complex and voluminous requiring the support of professionals who can provide adequate assistance in the form of training, the streamlining of various back-office processes and the handling of various pecuniary concerns such as Accounts Receivables, and Collections. Small mistakes can cost growing clinics a big chunk of their remuneration and therefore requires a microscopic study and a scientific approach towards various back-office functions including interaction with payers and error free coding.

Developmental Care

The health industry in the country is changing at a rapid pace and it becomes important for physicians to ensure that the stress caused by financial or administrative errors does not affect their core functions and to an extent require “Developmental Care” in order to cope with the financial as well as core aspects of their practice. Such care can be provided by back-office professionals, and medical billing and coding companies that are backed by various other professionals carrying out functions such as RCM, consultancy and research in order to create an ideal environment for small clinics to operate efficiently and thrive under such a dynamic environment.

Medical billing outsourcing

Medical billers and coders at are not just armed with the latest ICD-10 codes but are also backed by a team of research professionals who can find the errors in various medical billing processes and diagnose the problems leading to loss of revenue and also keep you up-to-date with the changes taking place in the health industry. With the assistance of cutting edge technology, experience, and skill, also assist in placement of such medical billers and coders in small to mid-sized and growing clinics in order to assist in increasing the bottom line of such providers along with the quality of the care that is delivered. Clubbed with these functions are other vital services such as effective RCM, research, consultancy, payer interaction, and HIPAA compliance which can bring about a positive change in the various processes involved in managing a small to mid-sized clinic.

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