Patient appointment scheduling is extremely important for running a successful medical practice. However, due to heavy patient inflow and healthcare reform pressures, it has turned into a challenging task for providers.

Is your patient scheduling system in place?

  • Arrival of unscheduled patients can increase the stress of daily office tasks, creating more room for errors
  • This increased volume needs to be met with added resources and staff and in case your practice fails to meet the requirements, it can lead to dissatisfaction among staff and patients
  • Inconsistency in patient scheduling also leads to loopholes in clinical and operational efficiencies
  • It will also affect revenue that can come with filled schedules

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Benefits of patient scheduling:

A time-saving, cost-effective solution needs to be implemented for organizing, scheduling and analyzing patient information. The aim should be to enhance quality of life for practice staff while making sure that each patient interaction becomes an exceptional experience for you and your business.

Your patients should get to experience consistency in brand representation and level of service. Your office should be able to take in every opportunity to capture revenue and all this is possible only when patient access to care is improved through effective appointment scheduling.

It will also decrease no-show rates and enhance operational efficiencies at your practice. Patient satisfaction will eventually lead to positive returns on investment.

Why opt for outsourcing patient scheduling process?

Even after knowing the benefits of improving patient scheduling, practices fail to focus on this area due to rising workload, billing and compliance requirements. This aspect of a medical practice is left unattended, causing mismanagement and loss of revenue. In order to ensure the financial health of your practice amidst payment cuts, outsourcing patient scheduling tasks to a billing company makes sense.

Patient scheduling solutions offer the following advantages to medical practices:

  • It will enable staff or doctors at your practice to access patient schedules from anywhere and anytime
  • You can apprise yourself of upcoming appointments
  • It will make identification of vacant time slots easier
  • Missed appointments and no-shows will reduce
  • You can do away with patient record duplication
  • Patients can easily confirm or change their appointments
  • You can double or triple book your patients easily
  • Patient details will be accessible to you anytime and anywhere

Since these tasks will be handled by a separate team, it will also reduce overheads costs and ensure accuracy. is a reputed billing company that offers effective patient scheduling solutions to small as well as large practices across the US. Our aim is to help physicians focus on quality care rather than getting worried about office tasks and heavy patient inflow. MBC also handles billing and coding tasks of a medical practice, ensuring timely claim submission, error-free coding and compliance to HIPAA and other reforms. We have a team of well-trained experts who make use of the latest technology to offer best results to our clients.

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