Pay-for-performance programs are a great way of rewarding health care providers but do you have the time and resources to make your medical practice eligible for such rewards?

There is no doubt that these programs provide encouragement to doctors and better services to patients but several challenges are also related to pay-for-performance-

  • In order to become eligible for these programs, you will be required to reduce variation in your clinical practice
  • You will have to reduce errors by promoting effective medical safety practice and offering best care to chronically ill patients
  • As per the present system for Pay-for-performance, factor like reduction in glycohemoglobin for diabetic patients is also a scale on which your performance will be measured
  • Whether or not your practice will become eligible for P4P also depends on your patient’s hospital stay and emergency room visits. Care co-ordination of patients suffering from chronic diseases between home, hospital and office is also a criteria for rewards
  • If you happen to use health information technology for improving health of your chronically ill Medicare patient, you will be rewarded under these programs. You will also have to devote enough time and energy to ensure that patients coming at your clinic are well-informed and empowered
  • In case you don’t participate in P4P programs, you will not only lose patients but also your market share

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How can pay-for-performance benefit you?

If your practice gets to win an incentive award under pay-for-performance program, it will give you an edge over other health care providers. This will result in increased flow of patients at your clinic which will eventually add to your income.

How to make it happen?

At a time when the US healthcare system is facing strain on finance and healthcare delivery due to inflation of medical cost, it has become imperative to offer high quality medical services at an attractive cost. This can happen only when you make your practice eligible for these P4P program by concentrating more on patient care rather than billing and account receivables.

Is AR management and medical billing restricting you?

You may have the capability to offer enhanced medical care to the patients and tackle P4P challenges but tasks like medical billing and account receivable management can eat up all your precious time that can be otherwise devoted in best medical care facilities.

Taking into consideration the complexities of healthcare industry in the US, many physicians are outsourcing these services and buying precious time to prepare their practices for pay-for-performance programs. So, if you also want to improve your services and get the competitive edge, why not make use of increased time and look into patient care? has been offering outsourced billing and AR management services to physicians across 50 states in the US. The expert team at MBC also provides consultancy to help doctors enhance their in-house practices and improve health care services to their patients.

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