There’s a joke “The best day in chiropractors life is the day when she gets a computer, and the next best day is when she gets rid of it”. This joke surely gives a glimpse of the increased administrative work involved in the chiropractor’s work routine. Chiropractors need to focus on patient care rather than administrative work to provide the patients a pain free life.

Although ICD-10 implementation is still a year away, but the practitioners are still not in a state of readiness. A recent survey conducted with 300 chiropractors, depicted that 75% of respondents have still not begun testing for ICD-10, which is not a very favorable situation.

Once in a seminar chiropractic had a question – “What is the best way to manage my accounts receivables?”

Unfortunately, there was no simple answer for this. Now days with variable coding and compliance procedure, a practitioner will surely find thousands of dollars of uncollected revenue. Chiropractic practices need to alter their billing to changing payer environment. Moreover the old business model has to be updated in respect to billing and documentation requirements.

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Most chiropractors and therapists offer a number of services and therapies to patients that reflect the many different injuries and issues they treat. Patients may suffer from acute or chronic conditions related to arthritis, headaches and migraines, car accidents, work related injuries, sports injuries, knee pain, shoulder pain or personal injury accidents. The problem is that many patient issues and therapies result into overwhelming billing and collections challenges for chiropractors. Further incorrectly reduced codes, incorrect payments, claims in review for an excessive amount of time, coverage issues (pre-existing condition, no coverage, lapse of coverage, no chiro benefits) and insufficient documentation leads to denials or delayed payments.

Another challenge for most of Chiropractors’ is creating a positive culture amongst the practice staff and provide proper training to help attain a consensus between employer and employee in order achieve complete accuracy in medical documentation and billing.

Hence chiropractic practices find outsourcing their billing service as a practical solution

Benefits of hiring a billing specialist –

  • Regular follow ups by biller result into improved collections and income
  • A qualified biller is always updated on recent trends in billing procedures
  • Payments are accelerated
  • The Security and comfort of knowing billing is being handled by professionals & reimbursements and income will go up
  • Full financial and practice management reporting
  • Certified Professional Coders will get you maximum reimbursement
  • 24/7 accessibility to your patient data and financial information
  • Transparency in revenue cycle

Medical billers and coders offer comprehensive chiropractic billing services. MBC has highly experienced and educated billers who are constantly updated and trained on latest reforms in healthcare industry. Our Chiropractic billing specialists have always looked forward to delivering timely invoices and full reimbursement to its satisfied clients. MBC has wide experience with insurers and knowledge of the latest chiropractic billing procedures and codes.

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