Here are few expert predictions that will be affecting the US healthcare industry in 2015.

  • Remote patient monitoring or telemedicine monitoring will become quite popular in 2015. Telemedicine is all set to make a difference to how healthcare will be delivered to patients in the US. It will be used for patients who are not able to reach a medical facility easily for routine check-ups or who need long-term monitoring.

    According to FierceHealthIT, market for remote patient monitoring will be reaching $295 million by 2015. With growing reliance on electronic devices to track different aspects of their lives, patients will start taking advantage of the telemedicine technology in the coming year.

    This technology will prove effective in disease management as doctors will be able to check on a patient’s condition remotely. It will help them save time and effort. Remote patient monitoring will enable doctors to keep a tab on a patient’s disease and offer quick care.

  • More patients will start using social networks, websites, forums and other digital sources to obtain information. They will also use these platforms to do networking and to find relevant information related to their health.

    Industry experts feel that in the coming years, patients will not only use healthcare and telemedicine apps for mobile devices but also opt for diagnostic and predictive capabilities that are afforded by personal DNA analysis. Since technology will play an important role in engaging patients, physicians and nurses will have to make extra efforts to stay connected with patients.

  • Ratio of primary care doctors will decline in 2015 which might lead to constraint of healthcare supply. Strain on the healthcare system will increase as the population in the US continues to age. Typically, more medical resources are used by older patients as they suffer from chronic conditions.

    The physician-patient ratio needs to improve in the US. Due to the shortage of PCPs, medical organizations will have to take necessary steps to improve their efficiency. For instance, paper-based systems will have to be replaced with digital systems.

  • It is being estimated that by 2015, the amount spent on EHR software will reach $3.8 billion. By adopting the latest EHR, doctors will be able to manage patient care, streamline check-in procedures, ensure timely claims submission and schedule recurring and upcoming appointments in an effective manner.

Practices Outsourcing Billing Requirements

2015 will bring opportunities as well as challenges for the healthcare industry in the US. To sail through reimbursement challenges, many practices are outsourcing their billing needs to companies like MBC has a team of certified coders and billers who are well-trained in handling coding and billing complexities of 42 medical specialties. The company has been serving medium as well as large practices across all the states in the US.

MBC makes use of the latest technology for billing and coding tasks. The team is constantly updated and trained on the latest industry changes to serve healthcare providers efficiently.

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