Efficient patient flow is extremely important if medical practices want to achieve timely patient care and high levels of patient satisfaction. Long waiting time is the biggest complain patients have and if this problem is not solved; your practice might start losing revenue due to poor productivity, lost referrals, lost patients and employee turnover that is caused due to dissatisfaction at the workplace.

If your practice is experiencing the following issues, you need to work hard to improve patient flow. Efforts will have to be made to enhance staff scheduling and appointment scheduling as these two issues cause long wait times.

  • High appointment cancellation rate
  • No-shows
  • Frustrated patients
  • Rise in employee turnover
  • High rate of patient record transfers
  • Decline in referrals
  • Less rooms to accommodate rise in number of patients
  • Unsatisfactory reviews about your practice on the Internet

How can you solve these issues?

You will have to identify the problem areas and decide if patient flow is poor due to lack of skilled staff, bad patient scheduling system or something else. In case there is lack of staff, hire a skilled front desk person who will ensure that all the patient appointments are scheduled in the right manner.

Your billing department should also be prepared to step in if your front desk employee needs extra help in maintaining patient flow. Length of time to return patient phone calls will have to be improved along with development of standardized order sheets for common procedures or conditions. Through this, clinicians will be able to communicate orders easily and quickly, saving time to concentrate on patient care.

Tasks being handled previously by specialists should be transferred to other professionals like nurse practitioners or physician assistants. This intervention will enable physicians to spend more time on patients.

In conjunction with standardized order sheets, patient information and instruction sheets will also have to be developed which will help in the streamlining process of patient education.

Do you have the required time to enhance patient flow?

Rise in work pressure, compliance and billing requirements leave providers with less or no time to focus on improving patient flow. To ensure that no revenue is lost because of this, many practices are outsourcing patient scheduling tasks to an external company.

Patient scheduling solutions provided by a billing partner offer various advantages to a medical practice such as, enabling doctors or staff to access patient schedules from anywhere and anytime, getting informed about upcoming appointments, reduction in no-shows and missed appointments, ease in identification of vacant time slots and so on.

Medicalbillersandcoders.com has been offering effective solutions to streamline patient flow to practices across the US. We have the largest consortium of billers and coders who make use of the latest technology to ensure that you focus on provision of quality patient care rather than worrying about heavy patient influx. MBC also handles tasks like timely claim submission, HIPAA compliance, error-free coding and so on.

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