Industry experts believe that the chances of losing the customer increase manifold, in the case where the staff does not present its best self to the customer or the patient!

The number of patients requiring medical services has been increasing and with this influx in demand, it is becoming increasingly complex to manage performance consistency. Hence, when medical practice staff is not trained well, it can result in inefficient performance and reduced patient satisfaction. The practicable solution for this is good quality training on a regular basis.

Earlier, customer service training was limited to hospitality and BPO sector. However, with the increase in competition, even medical centres need to offer regular customer service training to the staff on a routine basis in order to keep their patients satisfied.

  • Frequency of training need to depends upon the scale of the medical practice
  • Easiest method would be to segregate the areas of the training and focus on each one of them every month

However, it should be kept in mind that training is not just a onetime affair but a continuous thing to achieve great and consistent results.

Improving customer service management at your clinic-

It is quite difficult to establish a relationship between influx of patients and staff behaviour. However, on close and regular observation, this becomes simple. The primary objective of any medical practice is patient satisfaction, which can be achieved through one of the aspects of customer management, staff training.

Plan Training and Development –

The initiators of the medical practice should plan the training and development of the staff instead of making it a random affair-

  • This begins with charting out the definite objective of the training, which helps gauge the results
  • The method and span of training should be developed to meet the objective
  • Complete transparency and objectivity helps the staff, who can refer to the training literature as and when required

Develop objective training literature

  • Good quality training literature like PowerPoint presentations, workbooks, theories, references, handouts, etc. is necessary  for the staff to refer to when in doubt
  • Regular performance reviews on the basis of this literature will help the management measure the results of the training
  • Moreover it is beneficial for the management if they can chart customer service procedures, which should be distributed to present staff members and are also useful for new recruits
  • Additionally patients too can be asked to give their valuable feedback 

Improvement in Performance

Post the training it is necessary to monitor the behaviour of the staff with the patients as frequently as possible as this helps make the training objective and practical. In addition regular staff training, helps consistently improve performance and also increase patient satisfaction.

When it comes to service companies, customer experience matters and patients are the customers of medical practices. Good customer service not only helps in their speedy recovery but also persuades them to return. Cordial staff results in satisfied patients hence increasing number of patients returning and also bringing other customers, which ultimately results in improved revenues. has been successfully providing medical billing services for over a decade now across all 50 US States. Our clients can easily concentrate on improving their practice management as they rely on MBC for optimized billing services, well informed decisions, and improved communication.


MBC billing and coding experts with in-depth industry knowledge can assist practices to determine areas or departments which require training to help improve patient care. Our team also offers guidance to practices on the new regulations and reforms and related areas which require staff training, to eventually help increase patient satisfaction and revenue which is crucial in the current altering US healthcare industry.

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