Patient engagement is a crucial factor in the healthcare systems as it defines the role of physicians and other health care providers. Steps taken to enhance patient engagement in the practice go a long way in achieving better health outcomes and a more efficient health system. However, major gaps in patient care have been found to exist in reality.

Industry Facts

83% Americans do not follow the treatment exactly as prescribed by the doctors
42% Americans say they would follow the prescribed treatment plans if they received encouragement and coaching from physicians between visits
55% healthcare providers admit that they don’t communicate effectively with patients between visits
50% healthcare professionals believe their job begins and ends during regular office visits

Is patient engagement really important?

Although patient engagement hasn’t been a priority in our healthcare system, there’s great promise in incorporating patient engagement in the practice. Enhancing patient engagement will be a vital step in your practice, to help improve the quality of patient care significantly and cut healthcare costs.

How enhanced patient engagement results in better patient outcomes and reduced expenses?

According to the recent report, efficient patient engagement can result in:

  • Nearly 20% reduction in hospital admissions
  • Nearly 25% reduction in bed days of care
  • 86% patient satisfaction
  • 20% to 57% reduction in treatment need for diabetes, COPD, heart failure, PTSD and depression

How can this affect your revenue?

With effective patient engagement, patients are more likely to follow treatment plans and get better faster. This also ensures less chances of getting readmitted to the hospital due to infections and other complications caused by not adhering to specified treatment plans given by their healthcare provider. Which could end up costing more money to your practice or may result in a delay in payment, as the care costs might not be covered by the patient’s insurance.
Hence effective patient engagement will help reduce payment delays and reduce costs, overall benefitting your revenue.

Few tips and strategies to enhance patient engagement in your practice

Effective Conversation is the Key: Conversing effectively with patients is really important in the healthcare industry. Physicians must provide all the related information regarding their health and treatment, and let them choose the best solution. Physicians must make patients aware of their responsibilities.

Commitment to Work: Physicians must be committed to their work practices to enhance patient engagement. The real health improvement occurs when the healthcare professionals decide to become engaged and commit themselves to taking ownership of their health decisions.

Right to Information: With a vast array of online resources available, patients these days can conveniently learn about their conditions and what they can do to control them. Patients would be considerably better off if their physician provides them reliable sites from where they can get accurate information about their ailment and how best they can control it rather than getting inaccurate information from non-medical sources.

Open and Ongoing Communication: While it is important to enhance patient engagement in your practice, it is more important to keep the patient engaged in order to achieve better outcomes. With open and ongoing communication, physicians can help patient recognize the progressive symptoms of their ailments and prevent the chronic progression of disease. These interpersonal interactions may also be helpful for patients with chronic illnesses to stay committed to healthier living, and such ongoing communications can help patients take better health-related decisions. Communication is not just sitting in the physician's office and listening to the patients. The best patient engagement processes simply require open communication and commitment to the profession. has been successfully providing medical billing services for over a decade now across all 50 US States. With a vast array of services available with MBC, our clients can easily concentrate on patient care and engagement. Our clients rely on us for optimized billing services and well informed decisions, so that they can concentrate on improved communication at their practice and stay fully committed to their profession.

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