Is your medical practice update with latest technological changes?

Technology is changing the way in which physicians deliver care and patients access their healthcare information. Delivery of care has been revolutionized with remote monitoring devices, cloud-based computing, mobile health apps and other technology advancements.

HIT Extremely Popular in the Healthcare Sector

Majority of doctors are using their mobile phones to look for medical information online or using a tablet for record-keeping. Even patients are using technology for tapping healthcare information available on the internet. More than 50% patients today have a smart phone and at least one in five makes use of health apps such as, calorie-tracking apps and GPS fitness apps.

Why are Physicians Embracing Healthcare Technologies?

Many physicians across the US are embracing healthcare solutions to deliver quality care and ensure a more streamlined workflow. For instance, they are bringing mobile technology in use to access EMR, prescribe medication and monitor patients in hospitals. Some are also using this technology to stay connected through social media for professional purposes.

  • Digital devices are used by approximately 40% physicians at the point of care
  • During patient consultations, around 2 in 5 physicians prefer accessing the Internet, mainly on handheld devices
  • More than 75% physicians in the country have Apple devices including, iPad, iPod and iPhone

Not just physicians but patients also are pushing the changes in healthcare technology. According to the industry experts, if doctors don’t stay updated with the technological changes, patients will be approaching someone else for the required health information.

Technology is also revolutionizing the way practices are engaging patients. Physicians are using web-based patient portals in order to reach out to more patients. In today’s media-savvy world, more people have started using the internet to compare prices for healthcare. This has urged the physicians to reach these people and convince them to choose their practice for quality care.

Through such portals, communication between practices and patients has become easier. Some of the latest patient portals have secure software with the help of which patients can get access to their billing information and study results on the Internet. With this feature, patients also get to connect with physicians and ask questions conveniently.

HIT An Additional Expense for Physicians?

As per the Wolters Kluwer Health Physician Outlook Survey, health IT topped the list of factors that result in cost burden for medical practices. In the same survey, around 34% respondents said that adoption of technology will be one of the top focus areas for their practice in the coming years. Physicians will be doing a disservice to their business if they don’t adapt and keep abreast with the latest technological changes. They will not only miss out on new advancements in healthcare but also the benefits it has to offer.

Thus, benefits of implementing healthcare technology in a private practice or hospital are many and physicians should not hesitate in making the necessary investment in the same.

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