MBC has recently launched a job board to lessen the complexity of bringing physicians and coders together, eventually working as an easy-to-use interface between them through the facility on job listing. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Medical billers and coders are considered to be in high demand among the allied health occupations, with demand for healthcare professionals expected to increase by 18% considering the increased shift from paper to data storage and increased shortage of qualified professionals with specialized skill-sets.

The shortage of healthcare professionals invites the possibility of rejected insurance claims by Medicaid and Medicare officials and eventually dented revenues for healthcare providers. To combat this MBC has introduced its job board providing an opportunity to medical billers and coders to access new avenues and growth across all 50 US states.

MBC’s years of experience in the healthcare industry gives it a formidable advantage to make a difference through the job board, by helping not only established coders find employment but also new coding entrants making it easy for them to get appropriate jobs in the industry.

MBC Job Board for the employer:

The job board is detail- oriented, easy to use and works for employers just as easily as it works for the job seeker (billers and coders). The employer can post a job in three easy steps:

  • By filling a form specifying the practices’ requirements
  • Specifying language and skill sets of preferred candidates
  • Mentioning benefits provided to the shortlisted candidates

Once details are provided MBC will process the information by filtering the candidates applied and line up appropriate candidates’ details for the employers.

Healthcare providers looking to staff or build an in-house team of coders are invited to register with MBC on our user-friendly job board and find access to numerous candidates.

MBC Job Board for the job seeker:

Medical billers and coders as well can enroll themselves on the MBC portal for future upcoming opportunities:

  • By filling a form specifying their current job profile
  • Specifying their additional skills and skill sets
  • Mentioning their other preferences

On the other hand, job seekers/ medical billers and coders can easily apply to various jobs already posted on the job board through the following simple steps:

  • Browse through various job listings and can additionally browse jobs by state
  • Select and apply for the appropriate job along with uploading your resumes

With various In-house job opportunities posted to MBC regularly, sincere job seekers visiting these postings will benefit automatically through the job board. Coders looking to kick start their career or get that job which will further it are invited to register with MBC and find access to various employers.

Inviting Medical Billers & Coders

MBC’s job board due to MBC’s various years of expertise along with an experienced team of professionals to ensure good search results for the job board, will consequently provide employers and job seekers with greater reach and access. The job board is not a standalone site but a part of MBC’s main portal and hence with this membership you can additionally have access to:

  • Jobs and exposure to well trained medical billers
  • Regular updates from the industry
  • Specialty news
  • Implications of Government Regulations
  • A network and forum to connect with colleagues

To know more about the benefits of enrollment, medical billers and coders can also view the presentation on our website, prior to signing up with us for increased job prospects.

Published By - Medical Billers and Coders
Published Date - May-24-2012 Back

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