Healthcare reforms have bought in a myriad of changes, including physicians needing to multitask between managing patient needs as well as the revenue cycle. Physicians may easily seem to have MPD (multiple personality disorders), considering the extent of time they need to divert into revenue management and non-clinical tasks besides patient care.

Unfortunately due to this the physician ends up reducing the time spent on seeing patients, as they increase their time spent on staff- training and administrative duties.

Industry Standards State

  • In 2012, physicians saw 16.6% fewer patients per day than in 2008, this trend can result in a huge reduction in the number of patients seen per year
  • In 2012 physicians spent nearly 22% of their time on non-clinical paperwork

Most physicians surveyed in 2012 said they were either working at full capacity or overworked, and are adopting various work changes in response to today’s altering medical practice environment. More so with profitability largely dependent on the revenue cycle physicians need to constantly work towards integrating their clinical and business processes.

Challenges medical practices face while procuring revenue-

  • Varied mix of payers
  • Intricate regulations from federal, state & local governments
  • Introduction of value-based reimbursement programs
  • Rigid reimbursement processes
  • Increased demand for billing transparency as well as data protection
  • Increase in competitive pressures

A practice’s revenue cycle starts when the patient registers for care involving various stages like - data collection, insurance review & verification, determining patient flow, charge capture, accurate coding, submission, patient collections and payer collections – ending only when the patient’s account has zero balance. Managing the revenue cycle effectively requires devoting a lot of time on the entire cycle and also dealing with common business concerns related to staff turnover, training and productivity.

Even if the physician does well in managing all these factors he loses out on time needed for patient care; plus his compensation depends on how much revenue is used for administrative and other purposes. Additionally multitasking activities can easily lead to deficient performance and medical errors. In this scenario readjustment of workload by partnering with a billing specialist can be a useful avenue for physicians to explore to reduce the negative impact of simultaneous task performance at a medical practice.

MBC as your Revenue Manager MBC follows all the necessary RCM process steps to ensure maximum revenue. Serving various specialties and with more than a decade of medical billing experience across US our billing experts

  • Effortlessly handle diverse payer mix and also regularly conduct gap analyses on revenue cycle processes to identify and recover lost revenue.
  • Comply with government standards and regulations –helping you understand government regulations that affect revenue cycle policies and processes.
  • Follow the necessary HIPAA and privacy norms to ensure accurateness of health information management.

Regularly analyze and follow up on denials to help reduce denied or delayed payment

Benefits of outsourcing your RCM to MBC -

  • Acquire increased focus on patient care
  • Free up staffto focus on other areas of practice & increase patient satisfaction
  • Achieve significantly lower expenses and save revenue earned
  • Eliminate the need to handle staff related problems like turnover, training and productivity
  • Reduce investment in costly computer hardware, billing software, training and technical support
  • Improved process compliance with constant industry updates and systematic monitoring tools


MBC = Reduced operating costs + reduced bad debt + enhanced net revenue + accelerated cash flows!

Published By - Medical Billers and Coders
Published Date - Aug-12-2013 Back

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