A practice’s workflow comprises of the set of processes it needs to complete, the people or other resources available for these processes, and the communications between them. However at times the most difficult question at a practice becomes identifying- “which individual is responsible for a particular job”.

Industry experts believe that an inefficient work–flow and unorganized staff in a doctors’ office results in creating an increase in the patient waiting time, frustration of the office staff, and unnecessary stress for physicians. This can eventually cause a major setback to the efficiency and revenue of the practice.

Does your practice need to re-define staff roles?

  • Is your front-office staff and billing staff constantly in disagreement?
  • Is information very often not communicated on time to the billing department?
  • Are certain specific important tasks not given the proper attention they deserve?
  • Are policies which you believe are imperative to the operations of the business ignored?

If you answer yes to the above then you may want to look into the working of your office and staff roles.

How to improve the practice work-flow?

After assessing the need to re-define staff roles; the next step requires actually understanding what is needed to improve the situation. A staff meeting between all the staff members and their view of the situation and other processes will help clarify -

  • List of tasks not attended by anyone
  • Tasks which overlap other tasks leading to repetition in work
  • Miscommunication between staff members regarding the tasks they need to perform

There are always exceptions but it is beneficial to keep in mind- front office generally deals with tasks which were handles before a claim is generated, and any task done after the patient was seen is generally handled by the billing department.

Why is there a need to look into the practice work-flow?

The current year with various healthcare changes coming into implementation, the need to think about workflow has become more pressing than ever, along with several diverse factors like

  • Introduction of new technologies and treatment methodologies into healthcare
  • Overcoming the challenge of coordinating care for the chronically ill
  • New definitions to the role of professionals who want to participate in a patient’s care team
  • Pressures to improve patient flow due to increasing costs
  • Increased need to ensure patient safety and make the care team more patient-focused

Health care being a service industry depends majorly on good information, and taking care of patients, however this can be hindered due to a poor workflow and effect the efficiency of your practice.

Efficiency improved

With a good work flow the practice can expect- timely accomplishment of goals, delivery of care consistently, compliance with the reforms and regulations, timely accommodation of variations – hence increasing the practice efficiency. This will also save your practice money, along with eventually increasing the revenue.

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