Accurate diagnosis by the physician may be an essential, but the patient comfort level attained at the doctor’s clinic at times may factor more towards a good patient experience.

Industry Standards State

Recent survey results showed that approximately 34% patients were eager to change doctors if offered an ideal experience in another clinic

What does a complete patient experience demand?

Industry experts believe that the healthcare industry is amongst those which offer multiple choices, hence good customer service and patient satisfaction is a must and reflects well on the physician. Providing the complete patient experience helps doctors maintain patients, attract new patients and increase revenue.

Hence practice management experts recommend physicians to look at the complete patient experience - right from patient making a call to take an appointment, to visiting the office- entering the office door – the entire patient experience at the clinic— to the patient leaving the office - ensuring that the patient visit is as pleasant as possible and increase patient satisfaction.

Solution: Improving areas for increased patient satisfaction - the improvements required for enhanced patient experience may be very minor but definitely help create a much better impression -

  • Appointment Scheduling – promptly answered phone calls, lesser on-hold time, improved schedule during lunch hours leading to lesser time spent by staff attending to unanswered messages; which helps greatly improve the patients’ first experience with the doctor’s clinic.
  • Patient waiting area – reduced waiting time, patients kept aware of any delays and given estimates, a pleasant waiting room experience, greatly helps maintain and increase the number of patients at the doctor’s clinic.   
  • Patient interview – opening interview by staffer or physician- establishing patient expectations, understanding patient beliefs, making decisions and closing the interview effectively majorly contribute towards an efficient visit.
  • Exam room experience –increased patients awareness of when the physician or staffer will see them, patients updated about any examination delay, and doctor’s well updated about patient history, along with attentive physicians who offer patients quality time to listen to the problems definitely help improve the overall patient experience
  • Patient exit – Feedback and suggestions by the patients and patient clarity on visit start and end date and the next procedure date further enhances the patient experience.

A survey result depicted that 94% of individuals surveyed considered a doctor updated on significant medical histories as highly important in creating an optimistic customer experience, while 95% felt the same about the time they spent with the physician.

These changes though minor need not necessarily be made all at once with physicians considering improved customer service as an on-going process instead of as a one-time project.

Enhanced efficiency and patient satisfaction

Patients definitely recall a good experience consequently physicians to ensure a complete patient experience need to evaluate the work flow efficiency of their clinic by -

  • Establishing clear goals with measurable outcomes
  • Studying the clinic processes and staff’s work habits
  • Planning and committing to timelines and including staff in the planning process
  • Streamlining current work and creating new areas of work
  • Standardization of routine tasks of care with clinical & administrative systems
  • Clearly defining tasks, providing suitable training and good communication
  • Substituting non-physician for physician tasks when suitable

Satisfied Patients = Increased Revenues!

Healthcare organizations with consistently high levels of patient satisfaction are known to be the most financially successful. A study showed healthcare set-ups which patients perceive as providing a good experience, earned approximately 30% higher profits that their counterparts! has been successfully helping clients improve patient satisfaction and revenue management. Our clients easily concentrate on improving patient satisfaction as they rely on MBC for well informed decisions and appropriate tracking of business processes and revenue.

MBC’s medical billers and coders with their in-depth industry knowledge help achieve high levels of patient satisfaction by assisting physicians determine areas of improvement as perceived by the patients. Our clients have reaped considerable revenue benefits with MBC as our experts helps increase patient loyalty, improve clinical work –flow efficiency and performance, thus increasing profit margins.

Published By - Medical Billers and Coders
Published Date - May-15-2013 Back

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